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Company Management Description, Inc. Jeff Bezos
Amazon provides hands-on experience with the aws platform, products, and services.
Approyo, Inc. Christopher Carter
Approyo provides cloud and sap technology solution, and they are driving towards a vision to be most customer centric sap hana technology solution company.
Datometry, Inc. Mike Wass
Founder, CEO
Datometry® Hyper-Q™ provides database virtualization platform that makes databases and applications truly interoperable in real-time.
Eccentex Corporation Alex Stein
Eccentex provides software solution to integrate different components of digital infrastructure at every digital touch point.
Google LLC Sundar Pichai
Google provides open tools to secure your data and hardware, gain real-time insights, and be more productive with the same intelligent.
Moxiworks York Baur
MoxiWorks provides the moxi cloud open platform which includes to choose whichever tools to work together and change them whenever, no pain involved.
Secucloud GmbH Mark Rees
Secucloud GmbH provides a high-availability cyber-security solutions, offering a cloud-based security-as-a-service platform particularly for providers.
Solver, Inc. Nils Rasmussen
Solver provides BI360, the CPM software for companies of all sizes and specialized in financial reporting, budgeting and analysis with push-button access to all data sources.
Synaptek Corporation Kamran Jinnah
Synaptek Corporation provides it and other technical services to federal government agencies as a prime contractor through system integration partners.
Yooz Inc. Laurent Charpentior
Yooz provides a cloud based accounts payable automation service and yooz is a part of itesoft-yooz group.

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