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Enhancing ITSM for Organizations Worldwide

Guardian News and Media (GNM), which publishes the third-largest English-speaking newspaper website in the world, felt their IT service desk needed transformative change and decided to insource from a third-party and rebuild from scratch. GNM chose SysAid, a leading provider of IT service management (ITSM) solutions that enable IT professionals to manage their IT infrastructures and IT services with greater ease and efficiency. GNM found SysAid to be extremely user-friendly, configurable and, above all, exemplary in customer service and communication. Results have included the creation of an in-house “IT service desk bar” as a concierge desk for walk-in IT support.

SysAid has the reputation of being a highly practical ITSM solution, which is what makes them unique at the end of the day. The company makes customers’ lives simple by implementing rich-featured technologies into the products, which integrate all the essential IT tools customers need in one ITSM solution: help desk, service desk, asset management, reporting and more. The result is solutions that help SysAid's customers analyze and optimize IT performance overall within their organizations. “We have been able to remain a substantial player in the help desk and IT service management (ITSM) market for 16 years, and have witnessed success that is the basis of our year-over-year growth of 30-40 percent,” says SarahLahav, CEO of SysAid.

" We have been able to remain a substantial player in the help desk and IT service management (ITSM) market for 16 years, and have witnessed success that is the basis of our year-over-year growth of 30-40 percent. "

Following the vision and using the strategies outlined above, SysAid's work results in software that helps all functions and levels of IT professionals across the following industries: manufacturing, education, healthcare, insurance, high technology, retail, government and finance. In addition to producing software that results in superior performance in these spaces, SysAid also prides themselves on taking a longer strategic view so their products and services help customers move their organizations ahead in the increasingly competitive IT environment. “We pride ourselves on our close customer partnerships, relationships and communication. Our ability to constantly and consistently receive personal insight from our customers regarding their company, issues and goals, which allows us to deliver the best ITSM solutions possible,” adds Sarah.

SysAid's approach involves having all the tools in one place through embedded and integrated technology. This vitally important efficiency allows IT professionals to do more with less. A year ago, SysAid did a survey asking customers what tools would they love to implement in the workplace, given no budget restrictions. After receiving the results, SysAid made sure to develop software that addressed all of the technologies mentioned by customers in that survey. “Through this unique communication and our commitment to being responsive to customer needs, we are able to simplify the ongoing daily challenges that IT professionals face,” says Sarah. “At the end of the day, we think everything should be easy. When processes are easy, they become affordable due to overall simplicity and resulting efficiencies.”

According to Sarah, the real challenge to making ITSM simple is getting to the heart of understanding the issues and needs of each customer, and responding with products and services that truly address those needs and issues in a timely manner. “We accomplish this by going out into the field, building relationships and communicating constantly with our customers about what they are doing on a daily basis and what they desire for their organizations in the long-term,” further adds Sarah.

SysAid's future roadmap revolves around the themes including simplicity, efficiency and strong customer relationships/communication — leading to exemplary products that truly perform. Moving forward, security is a key component that SysAid is already prioritizing to build into their solutions.






SysAid Technologies Ltd provides IT service management (ITSM) solutions aligned with industry practices, to help customers through automated business processes.

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