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A Guide To Valuing Equity In SaaS Sales Compensation
By Kerry Bowden, Global Content & Analytics Recruitment Director, Adaptive Business Group

Commissions and bonuses aren’t the only way sales people earn serious money in the software industry - with so many new market entrants launching in the SaaS space, many companies offer some form of equity as a way to attract top talent.

Emiliano Del Fiume
By Emiliano Del Fiume, Client Executive, Unisys

Organisations are concerned about risks of 'vendor lock-in'. Fears are rooted in mainframe era when capex on a specific technology usually drove customers to marry one supplier for...

Vít Nohejl
By Vít Nohejl, Cloud Solution Consultant, Oracle

The infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) market in CZE is booming, but it’s not always easy to understand. The IaaS: What You Need to Know article series will provide important information...

Mike Lee
By Mike Lee, Global Leader, Wealth & Asset Management, EY

Data is a subject that is top of mind for most organizations right now. It not only comes up in most of my client meetings, but also in conversations about sports, travel, health and numerous...

By Kunal Kislay, Co-founder and CEO, Integration Wizards

The buzzword for any industry is ‘digital transformation’ andbusiness intelligence tools have become essential in decision-making across the operational spectrum.

By Herman Scheepers, Senior Technologist and Data Scientist, IS3

In this article I would like to explore new opportunities for value, innovation, and disruption driven by information and AI in the domain of asset performance management, and how this may play out in the context of risk management...

Zach walker
By Herman Scheepers, Senior Technologist and Data Scientist, IS3

There is no greater maxim than speed is decisive in war. However, cyber warfare today is a mostly manual process. Humans scour code to find vulnerabilities and fix problems with patches. Humans evaluate whether...

Falgun H.Chokshi
By Falgun H. Chokshi, Founder, FalgunChokshi

The following is part of a article I wrote before about vetting AI start-up companies. If you like it, please "clap" for article on Medium and share...

By Arvind Ravichandran, Associate Software Engineer, Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions

If you guys have read my previous article, I would have emphasized on the term IPSR, the most essential...

Why PLM consultants are questioning new tools and asking about cloud exit strategy?
By Christian Serge Nelson, Director of Photography, creativity, Condition One

We're now immersed into the world of VR. New acronyms seem to come online almost daily. Companies change their strategies every time a new VR headset (HMD) is offered. And trying to distinguish...

By Alexander Salas, CPLP, Instructional System Designer, Dell Technologies

Whether you are a techie person or not, there’s a big chance that you may have heard the terms Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) mentioned in conversations...

Gabe Baker
By Gabe Baker, Global Education Manager, WorldViz

Immersive technology has taken a beating these past few months in the press. Digital Trends tells us...

Cate Trotter
By Cate Trotter, Head of Trends, Insider Trends.

Just Do It. Nike’s slogan seems more like a mission statement these days. While others may be stuck struggling or hashing out their strategy, Nike is out there just...