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Insider Threats Are More Risky Than You Think
By Regine Bonneau, Founder & CEO, RB Advisory LLC

What is an Insider Threat?
According to, an Insider Threat is a current or former employee, contractor, or other...

LAN and Wireless LAN as a Service ?
By Manjanath Nayak, Senior Vice President, GE Predix COE Head, Microland Limited

What next in Networks?
The emergence of cloud is driving the growth of various as-a-service models and changing the...

Why Cloud Computing?
By William Gamble, Owner, EMS

Kayla has a new friend. CloudPets produces a toy that talks. It talks with the voice of ‘friends’, hopefully parents, who can send it to the toy. When the toy receives the message it’s little heart...

CEOs To Marketers: You Need To Focus On Revenue
By Michael Brenner, CEO, Marketing Insider Group

Today’s marketing leaders are stuck in a Catch-22. Create CMO-driven revenue growth. And figure out how to do it in a way that we modern consumers don’t hate...

The Ethics of Big Data Personal Privacy
By Dan Dubriwny, Big Data & Information Management AT&T Integrated Account

Does it stop? How? Should it? At the beginning of the Big Data era, the promise was to collect any data and do analytics on it like never before. Never before. Mere mortals could tease out new and...

Blue-collar Backlash: Are We Too Arrogant in IT?
By Mel McGee, Founder & CEO, We Can Code IT

Some things really get IT folks riled up. One of them is a recent article in Wiredclaiming that coding is the next big blue collar job. While it sounds like a sign of hope and opportunity, it’s created a...

Are We Creating An Insecure Internet of Things (IoT)? Security Challenges and Concerns
By Nermin Hajdarbegovic, Technical editor

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been an industry buzzword for years, but sluggish development and limited commercialization have led some industry watchers to start calling it the “Internet of...

Creating a Sustainable Innovation Program
By Armin Roeseler, CIO, Swanson Health Products

What is Innovation?
Innovations create value propositions that people are willing to pay for. They inspire game changing...

Big Data and Power of Hadoop
By Kartik Dave, Data Science, FedEx Services

The pace of IT has become really fast with traditional infrastructure not supporting the modern days demand for data, thus emerging technologies as Hadoop and its companion projects rising to the...

Analytics, Big Data And A Shocking Waste Problem
By Bernard Marr, Chief Executive, Advanced Performance Institute

It’s a shocking fact that in the 21st century more than three quarters of a billion people do not have access to enough food to keep themselves healthy, while 30% of the food produced around the...

By Christopher Dean MD , Dean Group International

Technology is constantly changing no matter what industry you work in, and as we progress through time the manufacturing industry is having to adapt to many technological changes.

A bank financing the 21st century economy must act as an accelerator of the energy transition
By Jean-Laurent Bonnafe Director & CEO , BNP Paribas

Since the international community became acutely aware of the need for urgent action to limit global warming, and 195 countries signed up to the Paris Agreement in 2016, the world has embarked on a process of transition towards low-carbon energy.

A New Lifeline: Part 4 – An Integrated System for Disaster Management & Recovery
By Max Janasik, CPA, Vice President of Innovation , Cambia Health Solutions

Over the past three weeks, Nicole Cathcart and I have discussed various individual elements of Lifeline, a concept for redesigning emergency response. Today we’ll conclude with a summary of how the elements of Lifeline work together to transform disaster response and recovery.

Considerations for the Enterprise drone user
By Chris Blackford Co-Founder & COO,Sky-Futures

We are still at the dawn of the drone age for Enterprise. Education remains a key stage in the development of this market for Enterprise. They don’t know what they don’t know....

Manufacturing and Distribution in the Cloud: There's No Time Like the Present
By Sam Levy Vice President, NetSuite

If you're reading this, then it's quite possible you've thought about how your business strategy should drive your cloud adoption, have put some thought into who your cloud partner should be, and may even be actively grappling with how to approach implementation.

Marketing with AI: the next leap into the future
By Tamara McCleary, CEO,

I work with millennials. Call them what you will, but in my experience, the millennials I work with are some of the most brave, creative and intelligent people I know. Recently, while in a text conversation...

My first 90 days with HubSpot's Marketing Automation Platform
By Angela Goodridge Group Marketing Manager, Eclipx Group

Modern marketers are fast learning that a marketing automation platform is a must have tool to survive, but after the platform’s sales teams have left your office with their shiny pitches and endless promises – are marketing automation platform’s all they’re hyped up to be?

The Bermuda Triangle: poor financial knowledge
By Kai Friedrich, CEO, BNP Paribas

Does it stop? How? Should it? At the beginning of the Big Data era, the promise was to collect any data and do analytics on it like never before. Never before. Mere mortals could tease out new and...

By Oleg Shilovitsky, CEO / co-founder, OpenBOM(TM)

Money is coming to cloud PLM vendors. Earlier this week, my attention was caught by Propel PLM announcement about raising $18M in series B...

By Mauri Lawler, Chief Clinical Officer, EIR Healthcare.

Smart technology has become indispensable in many infrastructures. Our homes and cities - even our roads and sidewalks - along with many public facilities are “connected” and designed...

By Mike Lee, Global Leader, Wealth & Asset Management

Data is a subject that is top of mind for most organizations right now. It not only comes up in most of my client meetings, but also in conversations...

By Tim Perry, Chief Information Officer (CIO), Healthcare Too.

Healthcare is changing. Not only for physicians and hospitals but also for yoga studios, financial advisers, massage therapists, food...

By Lan Liu, PM Intern,TuSimple

A common scenario in a Chinese pediatrics building at midnight looks like this — baby cries, distraught parents, exhausted doctors with bare sleep, and a long...

By Siddhartha Mishra, CEO-SD Global Technology.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is already revolutionizing healthcare. In simple terms, the IoT for healthcare comprises devices and applications that are able to connect to healthcare IT systems through computer networks.

By Lilly Desai, Consulting Practice Director, Oracle Financial Services Software Ltd.

Was watching an episode of a popular medical series where a senior citizen meets with an accident on his tour and gets admitted to the local...

By Alexander Salas, Instructional System Designer, Dell Technologies

Whether you are a techie person or not, there’s a big chance that you may have heard the terms Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and...

By Joe Higgins, Senior Systems Administrator, The Citco Group of Companies

Nearly every new technology is disruptive to the extent that it’s expected to replace older technologies. Sometimes, as with the cloud, old technology is simply rebranded to make it more...

By Herman Scheepers,Senior Technologist and Data Scientist,IS3

In this article I would like to explore new opportunities for value, innovation, and disruption driven by information and AI in the domain...

By Dominic Venturo, Executive Vice President, Chief Innovation Officer, U.S. Bank

I’ve been following new technologies in the banking industry for many years, watching them disrupt long-established processes.

By Pierre Nanterme,Chairman and CEO, Accenture

There are reasons to be optimistic as we begin 2018. Self-sustaining growth in the global economy and the recovery of international trade have...

By Emiliano Del Fiume, Client Executive, Unisys

Organisations are concerned about risks of 'vendor lock-in'. Fears are rooted in mainframe era when capex on a specific technology usually drove...

By Mike Gregoire,CEO at CA Technologies

As the CEO of a $4 billion technology company and chairman-elect of the World Economic Forum’s IT Governors Steering Committee, I remain vigilantly...

By Peggie Koon, CEO & Founder, Leading Change, LLC

n case you haven’t noticed, “Reality” is BIG business. There are “Reality” shows about everything and everyone on every type of media – from FB,...

By Brandon Sapsara, Entrepreneur, Systems-Thinker and Blockchain Enthusias

Conviviality is defined by renown Austrian priest Ivan Illich as individual freedom realized through greater autonomy and personal interdependence....

By Chloé Meredith, PhD, People Analytics Consultant, iNostix

People Analytics Consultant at iNostix
In the 2017 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends*, it was stated that the....

By Tim Perry, Co-founder & CIO, Healthcare Too

I like technology and the value technology services can deliver. I have a made a career of developing, implementing, overseeing, and improving...

By Lowell McAdam, CEO, Verizon

In a recent conference call with investors, I reviewed Verizon’s 2017 financial and operational results, the implications of tax reform to Verizon...

By Mark V. Hurd, CEO, Oracle

The technology industry is at a critical inflection point, as the cloud and other new technologies represent the biggest and most significant changes...

By Michael Xie, Founder, President and CTO, Fortinet

I have never seen anyone pull into a parking space, get out of their car and leave their laptop, wallet, iPhone, social security card, list of most important...