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Understanding cyber risk
By Justin Sleight, IT Systems Integration Analyst, Idaho Department of Insurance

All modern organizations face some degree of cyber risk. Cyber attacks over the last several years have been steadily increasing, and have increased in both count and severity very recently...

2 Different CMOs: Enterprise vs. SMB Marketing
By Hugh Jackson

After spending a few months marketing to enterprises with both a field and inside sales team, I have some thoughts on marketing to Enterprise vs SMB and what it means for a CMO...

Addressing the Rise and Fall of Health Care Consumerism Through Technology - Featuring a Case Study by Mt. San Rafael Hospital
By Michael Archuleta, Director IT Services, Mt San Rafael Hospital

Accompanied by the high-deductible health plans and cost sharing models, consumerism has been...

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Did Big Data Lead Us Here?
By Shiv Gupta, Sr. Partner, Lippincott

Yes, this is about the current state of politics in America, but rest assured I am not taking a political position on a forum that, gratefully and for the most part, has kept politics at arms length. Rather, as...

Insider Threats Are More Risky Than You Think
By Regine Bonneau, Founder & CEO, RB Advisory LLC

What is an Insider Threat?
According to, an Insider Threat is a current or former employee, contractor, or other...

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LAN and Wireless LAN as a Service ?
By Manjanath Nayak, Senior Vice President, GE Predix COE Head, Microland Limited

What next in Networks?
The emergence of cloud is driving the growth of various as-a-service models and changing the...

Why Cloud Computing?
By William Gamble, Owner, EMS

Kayla has a new friend. CloudPets produces a toy that talks. It talks with the voice of ‘friends’, hopefully parents, who can send it to the toy. When the toy receives the message it’s little heart...

CEOs To Marketers: You Need To Focus On Revenue
By Michael Brenner, CEO, Marketing Insider Group

Today’s marketing leaders are stuck in a Catch-22. Create CMO-driven revenue growth. And figure out how to do it in a way that we modern consumers don’t hate...

The Ethics of Big Data Personal Privacy
By Dan Dubriwny, Big Data & Information Management AT&T Integrated Account

Does it stop? How? Should it? At the beginning of the Big Data era, the promise was to collect any data and do analytics on it like never before. Never before. Mere mortals could tease out new and...

Blue-collar Backlash: Are We Too Arrogant in IT?
By Mel McGee, Founder & CEO, We Can Code IT

Some things really get IT folks riled up. One of them is a recent article in Wiredclaiming that coding is the next big blue collar job. While it sounds like a sign of hope and opportunity, it’s created a...

Are We Creating An Insecure Internet of Things (IoT)? Security Challenges and Concerns
By Nermin Hajdarbegovic, Technical editor

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been an industry buzzword for years, but sluggish development and limited commercialization have led some industry watchers to start calling it the “Internet of...

Creating a Sustainable Innovation Program
By Armin Roeseler, CIO, Swanson Health Products

What is Innovation?
Innovations create value propositions that people are willing to pay for. They inspire game changing...

Big Data and Power of Hadoop
By Kartik Dave, Data Science, FedEx Services

The pace of IT has become really fast with traditional infrastructure not supporting the modern days demand for data, thus emerging technologies as Hadoop and its companion projects rising to the...

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