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Anything but Absolute Zero, with Healthcare Analytics
By Joseph Dudas, Division Chair, Enterprise Analytics, Mayo Clinic

The Growing Interest in Healthcare Analytics.
Many would readily admit that their Healthcare organization does not have the information needed...

It’s Time to Get Smart about Your Approach to AI
By Vicki Huff Eckert, Global Leader, Technology, PwC

Most innovation strategies today encompass emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI). As the business advantage of the future, according to 72% of business decision makers recently...

The Journey Toward Cloud-First & the Stages of Adoption
By Stephen Orban

“I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.”
--Jimmy Dean...

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Unleashing the Power of Cognitive Techniques to Overcome Manufacturing Challenges
By Sundeep Sanghavi, Co- Founder and CEO, DataRPM

The current challengebr
With mobility, IoT, and analytics, having already become a reality in most factories, the challenge has...

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The Four Pillars of Opportunity
By Prith Banerjee, EVP & CTO, Schneider Electric

I had the opportunity to present at IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona. During my keynote presentation “Leading in IoT with Innovation at Every Level” I discussed how the Internet of Things...

From the tech trenches
By Suja Chandrasekaran, CIO, Kimberly-Clark

I recently sat down with an Indian magazine that wanted to interview me - some excerpts from the conversation shared in a Q&A mode. It spans a broad set of topics such as communication in...

Craving Intelligence vs. Analytics
By Michael L. Mathews, CIO, Oral Roberts University

I had the pleasure of speaking at one of the U.K.’s leading strategic learning forums on the...

PLM Environment Choices
By Ed McLeod, President, C-Level Training

Your PLM software provider may have several different environment options to deliver your solutions. They can range from you owning everything in-house via capital expenditures, to a variety of cloud...

The Transparency in Real Estate Sales and Customer Service
By Khushru Bacha, CIO and Vice President – IT, Runwal Group

Real Estate companies have traditionally been more focused on customer acquisition without thinking much about the transparency that every customer is looking for today. Fortunately, this trend is...

On Second Thought... The Cloud & the Channel
By Carolyn April, Senior Director, Industry Analysis, CompTIA

Every once in a while, a reality check hits you. Is my kid really Harvard material? Will I ever fit into my 10-year-old clothes again? Am I honestly cut out to run this bed and breakfast? It’s what we do as...

The Pain of Change is Mandatory - it is the suffering that is optional
By Paul Chapman, CIO, Box

Now that I have grey in my beard (actually I have lot of grey in my beard) I often get asked how do I grow my career in IT and how should I approach my career development – the question often comes...

By Dr. Jonathan Reichental, CIO, City of Palo Alto

Technology innovation abounds! We live in spectacular times. Change is happening rapidly and in unexpected ways. Market barriers for innovation have been lowered. Got an idea? You can make...

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