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Understanding Electronic Medical Records and Why Analytics Are Needed
By Joseph Dudas, Division Chair, Enterprise Analytics, Mayo Clinic

When I entered the healthcare industry I did so knowing there were a lot of...

To Make Technology a Business-Leading Department, Start by Evangelizing Everyone Else’s Numbers
By Nate Andrews, Sr. Director - Product, Technology, & Mobile, Internet Brands

I recently made an important mistake. After months of difficulty negotiating priorities with a certain...

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The most critical gap in cybersecurity today
By Tammy Moskites, CIO & CISO, Venafi

You only have to look at recent headlines to confirm that cybersecurity is a critical concern that touches every industry and every individual, and threats are only continuing to increase. Yet in a...

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Securing the Internet of Things
By Lisa Bock, Author, Ethical Hacking: Penetration Testing,

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a collection of devices attached to the Internet that collect and exchange data using nodes and controllers. A device on the Internet of Things is an internet...

Marketing Technology to pave the road ahead for Product Startups
By Ashu Kajekar, Managing Director, 7EDGE Internet Private Limited

If you are a product startup of any variety, from any industry and looking to make your product marketable, you have it a lot easier today than you would have even a couple of decades ago. The...

On Premise IT Gets Flexible
By Todd Pavone, Chief Operating Officer, Dell EMC

For the better part of a decade, IT organizations have heard how public clouds are less expensive and more agile. What hasn’t really been discussed, however, is the latency introduced when public clouds...

Software Defined Networking (SDN) - Comparing Cisco ACI with VMware NSX
By Taimoor Malik, Manager, Management Consulting, Technology Infrastructure, KPMG

Key terms
1.Software Defined Networking (SDN) refers to the ability to create, modify and update networks...

Why Cloud Computing?
By Art Huenecke, Information Technology, Academy of General Dentistry

Well Cloud Computing, by definition refers to the on-demand delivery of IT resources and applications via the Internet with pay-as-you-go pricing. Whether you are running applications that share photos...

Why virtual teams are crucial to success for SaaS startups
By Greg Twemlow, CEO, Business Growth Specialist

I’m regularly amazed when fellow business people express surprise about my global virtual team and how effectively we all work together. Seeing that it’s now 2018, I just take it for granted that remote...

Security Threats in a Big Data World
By Nikunj Thakkar, Founder & CEO, DataOne Innovation Labs

Security threat has emerged to be the talking point of the week following the ransomware attack over the weekend. During the early ages of computer and internet, a lot of applications of a company...

Quote to Cash – Real Time Enablement
By Sruthi Sreenivas, Director, Mule Integration Services, Sunera Technologies, Inc

Quote to Cash (Q2C) is the most important business process covering the end to end process in sales lifecycle. Transportation of Q2C for digitalization is the best way to keep this lifecycle fast, real-time...

How Artificial Intelligence will Transform IT Operations and DevOps
By Ronald van Loon, Director, Adversitement

To state that DevOps and IT operations teams will face new challenges in the coming years sounds a bit redundant, as their core responsibility is to solve problems and overcome challenges. However...

AI: 5 Things Every CEO Should Know
By Shelly Palmer, CEO, The Palmer Group

Machine learning, AI, cognitive computing, natural language understanding, image recognition, pattern matching, autonomous devices – these are just a few of 2017’s loosely defined catchall phrases...

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