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Unique Communication Approach for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

ZVRS & Purple believe communication access for all people, including the Deaf and hard of hearing, is a human right worth supporting and defending in every way possible. ZVRS/Purple is driven by the belief that access to clear communication is often taken for granted for those who don’t require much accommodation – however the same level of communication must be afforded to all individuals if one truly understands this as a human right. ZVRS/Purple's approach is unique in that it considers the whole of the client’s communication experience, endorsing the totality of their right to communicate and be understood. For this reason, their services do not stop at merely providing videophone technology or video relay interpretation services. “Our solutions span the workplace, medical, home, and on-the-go environments, we are wherever our community needs us! ” says Sherri Turpin, CEO of ZVRS & Purple Communications, who also serves on the New York School for the Deaf Board of Trustees and the National Technical Institute for the Deaf at Rochester Institute of Technology’s Foundation Board.

ZVRS/Purple offer a whole host of services- Video Relay Service (VRS) which is funded by the FCC’s Telecommunications Relay Service Fund, enabling the Deaf/Hard of Hearing to use American Sign Language (ASL) to communicate via video with hearing customers and/or associates in English or Spanish. The company’s service portfolio also includes: VRI-Video Remote Interpreting, on-demand sign language interpretation enabling Deaf/ Hard of Hearing to communicate with hearing individuals in the same room. They also provide On-Site Interpreting services as well as Communication Access Real Time Translation (CART) which is translation of spoken words to captioned text displayable on viewing screens and smart devices. All these services offerings provide open access communication in real time for businesses.

" We are firmly focused on some exciting initiatives for 2019 and beyond specifically supporting our vision of creating a barrier - free world where Every Conversation Matters."

A large portion of ZVRS/Purple's workforce is Deaf and/or Hard of Hearing, which gives an intimate understanding to the company of what constitutes true respect and support of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community. Purple's mix of solutions is a result of years of experience working as an ally to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community. Their business model is founded on the wants, needs, and aspirations of those they serve. ZVRS/Purple is in the business of creating unique opportunities, impacting lives, and #bridging2worlds.

ZVRS/Purple’s one stop shop model is the centerpiece of what they provide. Their edge is in the depth and breadth of services, accommodating the customer at home, on the go, at work, even at the doctor’s office or at the store. ZVRS/Purple's success starts with their people and it is the foundation of everything that ZVRS/Purple does, whether it’s the technology solutions they develop, the passionate video-interpreters that are part of the team or the attention to making the solutions best in class and easiest to use.

ZVRS/Purple is 100 percent focused on developing solutions that provide communications parity for their users. The company will continue to enhance their mobile, software client and hardware endpoint solutions across all popular platforms, as well as their own internally developed hardware endpoints. “We are firmly focused on some exciting initiatives for 2019 and beyond, specifically supporting our vision of creating a barrier- free world where Every Conversation Matters,” adds Sherri.


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Sherri Turpin


Purple Communications provides innovative communication services to meet the unique needs of each deaf and hard-of-hearing individual.

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