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With rich experience in business, molecular diagnostics and personalized medicine, Guanghui Hu, the President & CEO at Admera Health believes that the future of medicine is in one's DNA. Admera is a commercial-stage company that provides advanced molecular testing and digital health services to fundamentally change the way diseases are screened, diagnosed, treated, monitored, managed, and prevented. “Personalized medicine is where the entire healthcare industry is headed. We are unique in that we can offer our services globally, providing the technical (sequencing/wet lab) or professional (DNA sequencing interpretation), either individually or with each other,” says Hu.

Admera started as a clinical services division within GENEWIZ in late 2012 and became an independent entity in July 2014, launching their first product, PGxOne™ Plus, in September of 2014 and adding cardiology and oncology lines in 2015. Admera utilizes proprietary next generation sequencing (NGS) technology platforms and advanced bioinformatics. Admera has acquired the necessary experience, knowledge, and proprietary algorithms to accurately perform high complexity molecular testing and interpret medically actionable results. These results are then presented to physicians in an easy to understand but thorough report.

" Personalized medicine is where the entire healthcare industry is headed. We are unique in that we can offer our services globally, providing the technical (sequencing/wet lab) or professional (DNA sequencing interpretation), either individually or with each other. "

According to Hu, in genomics, it's all about how one interprets the genetic variants that really matters. Hence, Admera additionally reports four interactions that may critically alter drug response: drug-drug, drug-food, drug-alcohol, and drug-lab. Admera also personalizes the report for the physician through four different types of reports: for the psychiatrist, for the oncologist, for the cardiologist, and for the general practitioner.

Admera's oncology portfolio covers three distinct types of genetic tests currently being utilized by oncologists, making them peerless compared to other service providers. These tests include: solid tumor gene mutation analysis for targeted therapy (OncoGxOne and OncoGxSelect), liquid biopsy testing for targeted therapy selection and therapy resistance monitoring (LiquidGx), and PGxOnco for traditional chemotherapeutic therapy and supportive care. Admera's cardiovascular portfolio is unique in that they are able to present disease free survival (Kaplan-Meier) curves in over 33 disease states to the cardiologist. This is a powerful tool to help counsel the patient. “The old way of treating a patient (trial and error) is purely reactionary. By utilizing our tests, we can be preemptive and save the patient from potentially poor reactions and unnecessary procedures, allowing patients to save money, time, and subjectivity,” adds the visionary leader, Guanghui Hu.

According to an ailing patient who wants to maintain anonymity, “The PGxOnePlus test proved to be an invaluable resource to my treatment decision. My pain medications were not working. After taking the genetic test, I learned that I am a poor metabolizer and I was not taking the best medication for me. Now I know what medication will work for me. I highly recommend this test for everyone.”

Admera Health has developed a streamlined process for requesting collection supplies, submitting samples, and receiving actionable patient-specific reports. On the front end, Admera offers multiple sample collection types, making it easy to find a method that works best for physicians and their patients. For high volume practices, an auto replenish program is available to ensure that their practice never runs out of supplies. On the back end, they offer full EMR integration as well as their own physician portal where the physician can perform order entry and receive results.

Admera aims at solidifying their current industry leading service lines with clinical studies and introducing new service lines in major disease areas. To strengthen their future, Admera is also partnering with a company to provide a test for autism. “The test will assist in diagnosing autism and we are hopeful that we can also help current individuals with autism better manage their prescriptions,” adds Hu.


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