Neena Dasgupta
CEO & Director

Building a digital brand? Ask Neena Dasgupta of Zirca Digital Solutions

Neena Dasgupta, CEO& Director of Zirca Digital Solutions, can be described in two words: visionary and innovator. Neena has been at the forefront of the digital marketing and advertising industry, straying abreast of change by embracing new technology, building disruptive products and businesses, and translating brilliant ideas into real opportunities. Throughout her professional tenure, she has sought to convert complex opportunities into successful business outcomes. Her visionary approach has led her to build two disruptive products, ContentdB and ContentiQ, both of which are set to revolutionize the content landscape in India and globally. She has pioneered multiple such projectsthrough her organization Zirca–a global digital solutions provider that provides state-of-the-art digital advertising and content solutions to major brands. Her mission is to make Zirca a global digital communications company that can facilitate efficient and effective conversations, and to make science and analytics the backbone of brand conversations.

"With data behind your communication strategies, you’ll be able to better connect your audience to content, products and services that matter to them."

The award-winning ContentdB—Asia’s first integrated native advertising management platform—helps create, target, distribute, optimize and manage content campaigns across search, social and content discovery networks from a single dashboard. The platform delivers optimal levels of efficiency, impact and user convenience, resulting in an inevitable competitive advantage. ContentiQ, on the other hand, is a pivotal tool for media planners and advertisers that uses the power of psychographics to create robust audience-driven content plans. It empowers media planners and advertisers with the knowledge of who their audience is, where they can be found, what they are looking for, what kind of content they prefer, what content formats they are most likely to consume, and how their needs and preferences affect their online behavior.

Under Neena’s astute leadership, Zirca has developed a new metric, Reach Depth Multiple (RDM), which will prove to be a significant step forward in media planning; it will help marketers reach the right audience on the right platforms.

An innovator to her bones, Neena was nicknamed ‘The Sixth Sense’ while she was at the BBC India, heading advertising sales. Her tenacity and extensive industry experience have been instrumental in expanding and scaling Zirca’s footprint. Her ability to engage with key clients like The Economist, Microsoft, MediaMath, Fast Company and is a testament to her nuanced understanding of technology, products and solutions across diverse digital platforms. Her leadership acumen is evident in the support she offers, enabling her team to work collaboratively while encouraging individual achievement at every turn. At Zirca, Neena has ensured the company remains agile by investing in the right people, by empowering them and by enabling them to align with the company’s purpose and vision. She has firmly established accountability and ownership throughout the firm, providing people with clear paths and resources for developing skills and core competencies. She has also initiated the “Clarity Framework” which is both a keystone habit and an operational ethic that empowers every employee to have a clear vision of the company goals, and decidedly work towards transforming the organization into an institution.

She has been instrumental in bringing data and the consumer back to the center of brand conversations. The company’s two verticals—Content & Brand Solutions and Advertising—function in tandem to help brands craft compelling narratives substantiated by powerful data insights. By capturing necessary data from both sides of the business—content and advertising—Zirca is able to craft superior communication strategies, and is able to initiate conversations where none previously existed.

The company’s culture, therefore, is imbued with the core facets of Neena’s personality. The culture revolves around five convictions—Zirca First, Responsible Freedom, Collaborate, Bias for Action and Ideate. She has ensured her purpose isin alignment with a company that follows a ‘people first’ philosophy where the goals of every individual are in perfect synergy with those of the company. These values have been implemented across all levels of her organization, fostering innovation and growth.

Currently focused on strengthening their technology and data analytics capabilities, Neena is working with the singular goal of delivering smarter solutions in the digital landscape.The purpose is crystal clear, and Neena knows exactly what she is doing when she says “With data behind your communication strategies, you’ll be able to better connect your audience to content, products and services that matter to them.”


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Neena Dasgupta
CEO & Director


ZIRCA is a global digital solutions company that provides state-of-the-art digital advertising and content solutions to brands.

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