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Streamlined Supply Chain

In recent years, food and drug safety incidents have occurred frequently, causing widespread concern among consumers, production and distribution enterprises and various sectors of society. The government has also introduced a number of measures to regulate and govern them. Sinoservice Information Technology Co., Ltd. has been deeply involved in the supply chain, especially the cold chain and have also assisted firms to solve their safety problems in the food and drug supply chain. One such initiative was launching the JLT cloud platform after deep-rooted market research and analysis work headquartered in Shanghai, R&D centers located in Xiamen and Xi'an.

JLT has created a series of products to help customers build a collaborative, innovative, win-win online and offline integration of (OMO) supply chain ecosystem. All this based on leading experience and best practices in the area of integrated solutions for temperature control supply chains as well as in cloud computing, big data and technology sedimentation of IoT and blockchain technology. From orders, transportation, warehousing, logistics, distribution and the entire process of node tracking to financial reconciliation and payment management, JLT has helped firms save staff docking costs and improve inter-departmental and cross-industry docking speeds, reduce errors. JLT uses data-driven production, procurement, sales, logistics, and supply chain financial services.

" JTL team has a domestic leading edge in the temperature-controlled supply chain integrated hybrid cloud solution and is the earliest practitioner in China. "

JTL team has a domestic leading edge in the temperature-controlled supply chain integrated hybrid cloud solution and is the earliest practitioner in China. JLT has a dedicated EDI (data) exchange platform to support the current mainstream communication protocols for temperature and humidity data, location data, RFID data, upstream and downstream external system data collection, and for the mainstream manufacturers in the industry. The chain links have been docked and form a standard, which can be used directly without docking. At the same time, cloud computing and cloud storage are used for parsing and backup, which can be flexibly extended horizontally. The temperature, humidity, displacement and other information collected based on the IoT technology as well as the relevant documents and data of the supply chain system are stored in all blocks of JLT intelligent cloud platform through distributed encryption based on the blockchain technology to ensure information security and sharing and guarantee the authenticity and safety of data in every link in the process of transfer.

Based on industry data from platform precipitation, JLT forms a feature database that provides a variety of computational models for the customer to make supply chain decisions. According to the industry characteristic of the user and the historical data, the best industry practice is recommended. In the aspects of demand forecasting, intelligent warehouse filling, line optimization, stowage scheduling, and charging the suggestions are given through large-scale operation. It is also pertinent to say that customers do not need to do any deployment, greatly reducing customer costs.

In an instance, a global top 500 catering service company having more than 1,300 stores in China, and orders for more than 60,000 stores per month were facing trouble owing to manual ordering and tracking leading to high labor costs affecting the supply chain. After using the JLT platform, the client achieved unified distribution and tracking of orders, coordination with upstream and downstream and order tracking; visual management and tracking of logistics processes and a unified view of national inventory, and effective management of goods and safety stock management.

In the process of serving the leading enterprises in different types of industry, the company has accumulated, precipitated and refined the best practices of the industry increasingly enriched and improved our products. More and more enterprises have not only improved their management efficiency through the JLT platform but also shared with upstream and downstream enterprises. Through their technology and business solutions, JLT empowers businesses while improving supply chain and operational efficiency, achieving platform value.




Maggie Chen


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