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Streamlined Supply Chain

In today’s fast paced world, competition is becoming more and more intense among the enterprises, most executives know that the capability of controlling their supply chain will profoundly affect the competitiveness. In order to control the supply chain effectively and create competitive advantage in supply chain, enterprise not only has to adopt innovative technology, but also has to establish a collaborative platform for asustainable eco-system. This seems can simply be done by using SaaS, however the key points are to ensure traceability of product and connectivity of supply chain data for visible, transparent, manageable and integrated supply chain management.

In recent years, we encountered numerous cases related to the safety of food and medicine; consumer, producer and society have shown their concern on the risk of unsafe consumption of food and medicine, our government has also been putting certain measures and controls in place to ensure the safe food and medicine for the consumer. We do care about this critical issue for our society, with the experience shared from our parent company- Sinoservices in supply chain industry, especially in cold-chain sector, wehad been providing solutions to food and medicine supply chain. In addition, throughout the years our valuable experiences, we have also set a standard to the industry, we ensure the food safety at each supply chain flow and promote supply chain development. With this solid background and our mission “Food with Greater Quality Assurance, Medication with Greater Peace of Mind”, thus we established “JLT Intelligent Supply Chain Cloud Platform in year 2016.

" Food with Greater Quality Assurance, Medication with Greater Peace of Mind "

JLT’s focus is on vertical supply chain management, we provide an industrial-specific, advanced technology and data-driven supply chain service platform. We are the market leader in providing temperature control service supply chain management platform. Using advanced technology, such as IoT and blockchain technologies, we provide business and supply chain technical solutions to food, pharmaceutical, F&B chain enterprises. Our platform allows our customers to merge business, logistics, information, data and cash flows thus achieve Online Merge Offline (OMO) 5-flows integration. Based on the concept of S2B2b, we equip our customers to a data-driven enterprises in a new model of supply chain eco-system.

We are one of thepioneers in the market using cloud computing in supply chain. Our team are the experts in the industry, many of them are with twenty years of relevant industrial experience, and therefore we do understand our customer’s challenges from every aspect, from business to technical aspect. Our expertise in cloud computing, big data, IoT and blockchain technologies helps enterprise to achieve front-end, internal, back-end data integration,through sharing information and working more exclusively with particular suppliers and customers in which enable enterprise to operate almost as if one company to increase efficiency and benefit everyone in supply chain through steady, reliable business. Besides,our platform enables food, pharmaceutical, chain F&B industries to achieve collaborative, innovative, win-win intelligent supply chain ecosystem, our key features include purchase, production, sales, warehouse, insurance, transportation, payment, billing, finance interactions and business integrations. Manpower cost and human-error are reduced tremendously after using our platform, information areupdated and shared accurately among the parties. JLT deploys data-driven procurement, data-driven production, data-driven sales, data-driven logistics, and helps enterprises to build a data driven decision making enterprise in digital supply chain ecosystem. Through our system, enterprises will have the capability of controlling and managing their supply chain partners effectively, increase the collaboration and supply chain efficiency from their upstream and downstream partners. Furthermore, operational cost and risk will be reduced, gaining competitive advantage in customer relation management and service. Importantly, our corporate customer has helped us become the market leader in the solution providers for the food, pharmaceutical, F&B chain enterprises.

Throughout the years of experiences and focus on industrial needs, our solution is one of the best in the market by solving every pain point that industries encountered. Those enterprises that using our platform are not only satisfied with their operational efficiency, the greatest gain is the collaboration of upstream and downstream partners. The enterprises, suppliers, logistics companies and customers in our platform form a complete industrial supply chain eco-system.

For instance, one of the Fortune 500 companies in F&B industry which has 1300 restaurant outlets in China, its order from outlets is more than 60,000 monthly, the management of order was handled manually, from splitting the order to tracking all are done by numerous persons, the enterprise was facing high manpower cost and low efficiency in supply chain management. It has 7 distribution centers located nationwide and the inventory is managed by individual logistics company, most of the logistics activities very much relied on human interaction, and this has caused inefficiency in logistics flow and difficulty to have an updated inventory information. After using our platform, order management has become quicker and simpler, collaboration between upstream and downstream partner is improved since order information is shared among the parties. Each order is visible and each relevant party is able to track the order throughout the entire logistics process which includes transportation process, delivery, warehouse and inventory information. Moreover, inventory status and information (such as shelf-life, safety stock management and etc.) of all the distribution centers can be accessed too. Another value-added service is enabling enterprise to use our payment settlement module to perform payment matching online with supplier, this has reduced the reviewing time and error incurred during the payment process.

These improvements are clearly proven by the data; in term of manpower cost: logistics orders distribution reduced by 18hrs/day; order management reduced by 36%/year of its initial manpower cost, payment settlement reduced by 47%/year of its initial manpower cost. For the operating cost, reduction in paper usage by more than 3000peices/day. Invoice printing and courier services saved RMB 8million/year. Delivery acknowledgement rate has be increased from 40% to 100%, this is accomplished through barcode scanning method. Collaboration efficiency improved: On time delivery performance by the transportation company is improved, daily logistics order completion rate has also achieved to 99.98%.

We foresee the need of data-driven and technology-driven platform model enterprise in near future. Inevitably this will become the backbone of enterprise in the competitive supply chain industry, therefore JLT is playing an increasingly important role to integrate advanced technology into traditional enterprises, with our commitment to the society - “Food with Greater Quality Assurance, Medication with Greater Peace of Mind”, it is our responsibility to continue to promote and support the development of supply chain industry.




Maggie Chen


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