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Virtual Reality at its Best

In the early 90's Eric Skoura-a self-taught pioneer became passionate about 3D imaging. He became a recognized graphics designer and 3D technologies expert in the video games and film special effects. With his visionary baseline “Virtual Reality for Business”, he incorporated POINTCUBE. Although the revolutionary company has seen its highs and lows, POINTCUBE emerged as the French leader and began selling its simulators in Europe and soon entered the Hong Kong and New Zealand markets.

According to Eric Skoura, the competing professional simulation tools have always been design software, used primarily by technical teams, requiring significant training. POINTCUBE provides a unique approach by offering image-based solutions. The only goal is to make it easy to use and real time realistic result. “Video game technologies provide this “sandbox” dimension; its easy, instant navigation creates a “love at first sight” effect with the potential customer, leading them to a purchase,” adds the new-age leader. “We are unique because we target sales people who are not technicians.”

" POINTCUBE creates sales-focussed simulators that are designed similarly to video games."

POINTCUBE creates sales-focussed simulators that are designed similarly to video games. It is extremely helpful for a salesperson to be able to quickly show a customer their leisure equipment before it is installed. This incites pleasure and emotion in a potential customer which is a powerful purchase trigger. “Our philosophy is to make our product fun and enjoyable to use. By using video game technologies, we benefit from the technological versatility,” adds Eric Skoura. POINTCUBE strives to develop sales techniques in greater depth and are creating a new generation of salespeople who are successful, relying on the integration of virtual elements into reality to encourage the customer to take ownership the product within the first few minutes.

The company's most sought after product is ONESHOT 3D which is powered by one of the real-time 3D engines used by today’s leaders video game developers. The result is at the forefront of realism and the software’s interactive capabilities are almost limitless. ONESHOT 3D’s biggest strength is that it is used on a tablet to benefit from important advantages like mobility and ability to use gyroscopic data to place the virtual object directly on the ground in the photo. The user can focus on arranging and positioning the objects in their customer’s space with their fingertips; it is interactive and easy to configure the object exactly like the real product, using different colours, materials, options and adjustable sizes or shapes. The object behaves as if it truly exists at any stage of placement; there are lighting effects, wind blowing through the trees, animated mechanisms and much more. Images of the space can be generated at any time as if photographing a new reality. Installing, adapting, playing, taking ownership and having fun with the product before buying it; that’s what counts.

The company provides simple solutions that require little investment in time from customers. In an instance, one of the company's clients, a pergola manufacturer had PointCube recreate every technical characteristic that ultimately generates many possibilities, including pergolas of varying structural thickness according to the sizes, assembling parts of pergolas, using multiple paint colours and stains, variable lighting, pull-down blinds, sliding or folding windows, and much more. The greatest challenge was to keep the software fast and enjoyable to use while managing many configurable parameters. PointCube had to collaborate with the most competent users before finalizing the most suitable interface, but in the end came out in flying colors.

The company will be investing significant upgrades to their solutions, including more user-connectivity, more interactive help, and finding ways to get more usage feedback to management. They are already expanding the kind of objects that can be integrated into their solutions, such as indoor/outdoor furniture, fitness or hospitality equipment, and even real estate sales. “The market is colossal and we have many years in front of us!” says Eric Skoura.




Eric Skoura


Pointcube provides oneshot 3d, photolive 3d and mobile app and have been creating and developing 3D business software since 2004.

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