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Total Technology Solutions Group (TTSG) is the go-to source for Document Imaging Devices and Applications in St. Charles. Created in 2010 by Tim Ward, its team of experts are thoroughly trained to save organizations time and resources by assisting them with optimizing workflows, improving employee interactions, and other things that affect a company's bottom line and much more.

Ward says his company, “started from a cardboard box” amid the greatest economic downturn and recession since World War II. The young entrepreneur struck out to create a niche for himself by addressing and servicing the needs of markets trying to understand and access the burgeoning offerings of technological advancement.

" TTSG consultants explore options with the client, giving them a peek behind the curtains of the solution being discovered. "

TTSG consultants explore options with the client, giving them a peek behind the curtains of the solution being discovered. With multiple manufacturers of both hardware and software, TTSG consultants also add a non-biased approach to fulfilling needs. On the back end, TTSG has implemented a unique system for making sure their service team can meet the demands and time constraints of their customers. Locally housed parts allow them to respond quickly, within an industry best timeframe.

Rather than work to propose common apples to apples comparisons, TTSG consultants strive to provide a back and forth conversation with their potential clients to better understand their business. These open conversations help uncover bottlenecks and time intense manual processes within the daily work of the employees.

After uncovering these problem areas, TTSG consultants explain the idea behind solutions that include hardware and or software. Once it's established that the idea behind these solutions seems feasible to implement into a customer’s business, the TTSG consultant spends the time needed to construct a custom proposal for the client. TTSG addresses numerous market challenges, as well as adding transparency throughout their sales process, and all the way through the duration of their contract.

For example, one company TTSG worked with was Promex Midwest. They were using five dedicated workstations for scanning to allow end users to scan mortgage documents into their central file storage. This configuration was proving inefficient and costing the firm a lot of money. TTSG recommended Kyocera MFPs, DMConnect and PinPoint Scan to assist the client in addressing the company's problem of dealing with different scanning stations and unreliable VPN connections to help improve Promex Midwest's productivity issues.

As TTSG grows and expands throughout Chicagoland, they have expanded both their Sales and Service Teams while maintaining the level of professionalism and “hands on touch” the company had when they first started and were maintaining only a few accounts. This year TTSG looks to work more thoroughly with Docuware, implementing more Document Management Systems as well as increasing the amount of applications implemented on each transaction.

Over the past year another great success has been the launching of TTSG’s sibling company, TTSG IT. Ward created TTSG IT in January 2017 after identifing a market need for managed IT solutions for small businesses. “This increased focus on improving workflow will allow us to expand our offerings within the brands that we are already partnered with,” adds Ward.

The bottom line is that TTSG is a growing and thriving company that is ready to work to meet the needs of its customers all around Chicago and the surrounding area.


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Total Technology Solutions Group (TTSG) provides workflows with advanced print and document management services.