Todd Saylor, Founder & President

Enhanced Human Capital Management

Aross industries, the workplace, workers, and work itself are rapidly changing—solving the complex challenges facing HR professionals is a tool set that is versatile, deep and capable, and those tools cannot be put to proper use without skilled professionals who understand the goals and motivations of organizations. Today, firms are looking for a new partner because the people have changed and the legacy technology has lost internal understanding. PayServ'sis a single application that manages the entire Employee Life Cycle, from Hire to Retire. Workforce Acquisition, Workforce Administration and Workforce Development all work together to provide organizations with unique insights, analytics and overall process efficiency to ensure effective and consistent application of company work policies.

The melding together of world class technology with an HR first culture has positioned PayServ well for success in meeting their corporate goals but most importantly their client’s goals. “PayServ Systems was incorporated with the clear goal to fill the Service Gap in the Payroll outsourcing industry. The three S’s of success for a world class HCM solutions starts with Security, Software then Sales!” says Todd Saylor, Founder & President of PayServ. “The configurability of our technology really sets our platform apart – we’re able to accommodate and automate a vast range of HR policies and procedures without forcing our clients into any “big-box” solutions, our clients get to use a solution that is completely tailored to their needs.”The company pairs this custom tailored capability with a world-class launch process which has been designed to discover all the unique areas of a client’s HR and Payroll operations and procedures, adding efficiency across the board. “Through constant communication, organization, and a clear project planning, we are able to execute and deliver a solution that is completely your own! ‘It’s Our Culture!’” adds Todd.

" PayServ Systems was incorporated with the clear goal to fill the Service Gap in the Payroll outsourcing industry. The three S’s of success for a world class HCM solutions starts with Security, Software then Sales! "

The company’s productis a single-database solution that is employee-centric. “Each employee has one and only one employee record where all information from recruitment data, time keeping, scheduling information, payroll, benefits, and job history are stored,” explains Todd Trent - Vice President of HCM Services. Employees, managers, and administrators have real-time access to this information at their finger-tips through a user-interface that is completely responsive for mobile displays. The mobile application and desktop application are one in the same. No back ends, no integration. One and only one platform with one consistent experience – all tied to one database in the cloud. The solution is updated monthly in order to continue to meet changing organizational needs owing to growing security threats and legislative changes cause that must be kept up with.

According to Todd, the company’s launch process is focused around a highly organized, communicative experience where the client is in-the-know and providing input and feedback every step of the way to ensure complete at total satisfaction and completion once the implementation project comes to a close. “Our clients get the advantage of watching their system grow and develop from day one of launch, right inside their REAL database in REAL time. Automated notification of project progress and clear project milestones keep the launch on track and client sign-offs throughout the launch ensure we are meeting our marks and allows for the client to go-live without any last minute surprises,” he explains.

For the future ahead, the company is working on introducing new features and enhancing the existing features of their product to serve the customers in a better way. “The way organizations evaluate and choose a new HCM platform has evolved as quickly as the technology itself. Most companies have purchased an HR Platform in the past but are finding that it is either not integrated or simply underperforms when applied to real world "Use Cases". PayServ has adapted to this new reality and provides "Solution Specific" configuration during the sales process, Transparent communications between the prospective client, sales and PayServ's internal Operations Team as well as a "Sand Box" so our clients can test drive the solution prior to making a final decision.” says Sam Fessenden - VP of sales, PayServ. “At present, we are a national provider of World Class HCM solutions supported by an HR First culture of Excellence. This will not change as we continue our development as an organization,” says Todd.


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Todd Saylor
Founder & President


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