Ratan Datta, President & CEO


Making Content Accessible, Adaptable and Actionable

Established in 1980 providing data entry services to Fortune 500 companies, SPi Global was termed a pioneer in the outsourcing industry. Today, SPi Global is the market-leader in providing end-to-end content technology solutions for the extraction, processing, and enrichment of structured and unstructured content. “SPi Global can help companies make better decisions with their data assets by our suite of transformation, enrichment and analytics solutions,” says Ratan Datta, President & CEO of SPi Global.

Headquartered in the Philippines with 19 delivery centers spread across six SPi Global provides data services and subject matter expertise to companies involved in deeply specialized domains coming from various industries such as research, scientific, technical and medical publishing; education publishing and digital learning; and secondary data aggregators to include fintech, legal, risk, media, retail and corporate.

" SPi Global can help companies make better decisions with their data assets by our suite of transformation, enrichment and analytics solutions. "

SPi Global has culminated into an industry leader and the biggest in terms of revenue and employee headcount because they have been strategically leveraging their people’s deep domain expertise and knowledge in content workflows for structured and unstructured content. Their skills are also maximized by channeling those to developing new and better solutions for their clients that anticipate and address their growing needs. “We have also placed significant focus on innovation and technology development allowing SPi Global to strategically build enterprise-level solutions scaled to the business needs of our clients,” adds Datta.

With the onset of digital meant that businesses needed to store their content and find them easily. This demanded content transformation and processing for which SPi global developed sophisticated tools over the years. According to Datta, the digital economy is becoming a data economy and content extraction combined with SME knowledge to enrich and curate the content can add multidimensional layer to the data which can derive unique service experiences. “For example, let us say you were just strolling in the mall, the location data from your mobile phone combined with Geolocation data of the stores and your previous purchase data can enable smart notifications on the types of stores or deals of most interest to you,” explains the steadfast leader.

SPi Global’s specialists and data experts enable global information companies to optimize their content systems through technologies that are scaled and adaptable to their business needs. They have adopted techniques like Machine Learning, NLP and Robotics Process Automation in their technology suites applied across the value chain. In an instance, SPi assisted one of their clients’ to identify and extract Chemistry and Medical Concepts reading research articles and patents and ingesting into Client’s database. The Concept Classification Tree has over 75K terms and SPi have enhanced the manual task by incorporating an AI based Recommender Engine to identify concepts automatically and suggest a classification to the operator.

SPi Global is the market leader in its space in terms of revenue and headcount. Their goal is to triple the company turnover in the next 4 years leveraging their huge pool of subject matter and technology experts. With their recent acquisition of Scope e-Knowledge Center (from the Quattro Group) and the opening of a 500-FTE facility in Noida, SPi Global is in a trajectory of growth. This growth trend will continue, coming from organic and inorganic expansion initiatives bringing in new and complementary services, new clients, including an additional batch of subject matter and content experts. “Another driver of the company’s future growth is its aggressive and constant pursuit of technology innovations and we will continue to work towards giving our clients the best solution possible,” adds Dutta.




Ratan Datta
President & CEO


SPI Global delivers an effective data intelligence experience with software and service that can improve workflow, engagement, and overall content design.

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