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Due to the rapid changes in the financial and banking industry, banks have to adapt and transform their business with minimal cost to acquire more customers and streamline their operations through the adoption of new technologies. Jordan based Pio-Tech’s main goal is to develop a ready-to-use solution enabling banks to improve their performance, enhance their decision-making process, increase revenue and improve employees’ productivity. The company started with two main products—Bank-BI® and Bank-BPM®—developing them through the years and expanding their operations and services around the world, specifically, Middle East, Africa and parts of Asia.

Since the beginning, Pio-Tech has been steadfast in believing their motto of investing in research and development, adopting best of breed technologies and designing new platforms for banks that can help them attract and target new customers, develop new products that cover all their customers’ needs with the lowest cost to investment ratio. The company believes that to grow and prosper, one must look after the interest of the customers who are part of the bank’s organization, the reason they have culminated their relationship with customers based on transparency and trust to help them achieve their strategic approach throughout the years.

" Regulations, Competition and Strong management "

The company’s product—Bank-BI® gives a vantage point above the fray, with ready to use analytics, reporting tools and applications which various stakeholders across the bank can use at any time or anywhere through different devices, thereby, enabling and empowering them to optimize their ability to leverage and act on critical information. Bank-BI® users have the power to obtain the information needed to make the best possible decisions for the bank’s growth and success. Supported by the power of Bank-BI® matured banking data model, banks ensure the relevant data is known in advance and accordingly collected from these disparate systems to provide a true single source of information to the whole bank. By implementing Bank-BI®, Pio-Tech ensures that the bank enjoys a single platform that can provide all the banks analytical and reporting requirement for the three main banking management pillars namely, “Regulations, Competition and Strong management”.

Pio-Tech believes and maintains a three stages methodology: firstly to verify and ensure that the bank is collecting the proper information and data in alignment with the above mentioned three management pillars while applying proper controls to monitor the collected data quality and integrity. Implement BI technology platform that can provide each type of user with the relevant and convenient tools to access his information while delivering out of the box ready to use business models. Implementing various engines and utilities that can help the bank to comply with international regulations, calculate the profitability across various segments and monitor its performance against its set objectives or against the peers.

In an instance, Pio-Tech implemented the Bank-BI® DWH Solution at KCB Bank of Kenya to advance its technology infrastructure and enhance the decision-making process, the solution enabled KCB to automate the process of generating the needed reports, enhance and speed-up the business decisions and the overall business performance.

For the road ahead, Pio-tech will continue to serve its customer to maintain a strategic position in the banking industry by introducing new modules that can help banks stay compliant with regulatory requirements, engage better with their customers and increase their profitability. In addition, the company is increasingly producing new services, along with launching new branches in different markets and signing agreements with new partners in order to provide localized support and implementing services. The company aims to continue assisting their clients to provide the best services to its customers, manage the customer journey, utilization of banks’ resources in a better way, and help banks operate better using certain technologies like Blockchain, Analytics and Big Data.




Rand Hashem
Managing Director


Pio-Tech is a System Integrator and Business Solutions Provider with a commitment to perpetual innovative performance powered by strategic alliances with distinguished business partners and internal skillful & visionary team of consultants dedicated to enriching our customers with bright Ideas for enterprise management solutions.

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