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Denver, Colorado based MeetingOne has been in the conferencing space for nearly 20 years, and has seen a considerable amount of change. Their path to be a proven provider has come in important increments, each based upon assessments of their customers’ needs. Recognizing that conferencing had the potential to be much more than just a channel for communication, MeetingOne built a set of tools that could work together to drive collaboration and create engagement in the late 90’s.

The company started by building a conference call platform that would provide users a rich tool set for call management and spurring collaboration. Their early successes revolved around went on to make one of the most revolutionary products called Click&Meet – an app for managing conference calls. Click&Meet offers hosts dynamic participant controls and intuitive workflows for keeping their calls on-track and productive. For back-end management purposes, MeetingOne also developed the Online Account Management (OAM) portal, which allows users to easily self-provision or disable audio rooms, define call settings, access recordings, and review call reports.

" Our portfolio of services has grown with the years. Whenever we identify a need being expressed by clients, we take steps to develop a service that will compensate. "

“We’ve had numerous customers who have come to love and depend upon Click&Meet and OAM for their conferencing needs,” remarks Sophie Lal, CEO of MeetingOne. “And we’re excited to announce the latest update of Click&Meet – 5.0 –which we just launched!”

MeetingOne re-imagined Click&Meet with a beautified UI, enhanced workflows, and added functionality that have made the app more effective than ever. The recent release of Click&Meet 5.0 represents a huge milestone in MeetingOne's efforts to help our customers succeed with the best tool in the market.

In order to provide their customers tailored conferencing solutions that include web conferencing elements, MeetingOne strategically partnered with a premier web conferencing provider: Adobe Connect, which empowers users to create exceptional virtual training, webinars, and collaboration experiences. Adobe Connect gives users complete control over the look and functionality of their virtual rooms, and they can position functional pods anywhere on the screen to share content or interact. The partnership with Adobe Connect has helped MeetingOne better ensure our customers’ success by customizing solutions that cover their every need.

For each product they offer, MeetingOne also provides a number of integrations that allow organizations to introduce conferencing tools into their internal systems and applications. These include a robust Outlook plugin that has the most dynamic feature set on the market; an integration that makes virtual, instructor led training (VILT) an option for every organization; and the preferred audio integration for Adobe Connect – used in-house by the Adobe team. Sophie also explained that, “MeetingOne works with a large group of partners who offer various integrations. No matter the need, we can either develop or employ an integration for our customers.”

MeetingOne also provides customers with a variety of services that can be personalized to their requirements. “Our portfolio of services has grown with the years. Whenever we identify a need being expressed by clients, we take steps to develop a service that will compensate. That’s how we’ve managed to create fully-fledged communication and collaboration solutions,” adds Sophie.

As an example of their solution approach, Intuit - known around the world for their accounting software – turned to MeetingOne when they were approaching new ways to, expand their global management team. For Intuit, global management and leadership training was always done in-person. They racked up huge travel costs, yet were not getting the results they desired. They determined to move these trainings online, with MeetingOne and Adobe Connect’s helps. To ensure each management training goes off well, Intuit now uses Adobe Connect virtual classrooms and MeetingOne’s audio integration. MeetingOne also provides event production assistance for the Intuit trainers. The results have been tremendous. Intuit is reducing costs by an impressive amount, while improving Net Promoter Scores (NPS) and learner satisfaction.

MeetingOne prizes engagement and experience in the collaboration space and has developed technologies throughout their history that enhance both, and now they are doubling down. MeetingOne is developing tools to provide real time feedback and analytics during conference calls that will drive greater collaboration through shared experiences. “The long-term outcome will be more opportunities for individuals to participate during conference calls without impacting the flow of the conversations,” adds Sophie. MeetingOne is always looking to provide solutions that better serve enterprise needs, both in communications and collaboration.




Sophie Lal


MeetingOne is a world-wide communication solution provider for conference calls, virtual classrooms, webinars, and online meeting products and services.

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