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Employees are embracing technology as a way to make their lives easier, connect with others, and enhance their health and well being. Healthper, a health engagement and achievement platform is a pioneer having developed wellness programs encouraging members to assess, educate, track and ultimately drive positive change. Healthper provides a turnkey health & wellness solution that is tailored to the unique needs of an employer or a plan sponsor population. With a comprehensive approach and a variety of well-being tools, members can stay healthier or manage their pre-existing condition.

" Healthper’s goal is to drive maximum engagement to deliver the true outcome for their clients by engaging their members and making them healthier. "

Most wellness solutions take a one size fit all approach and create a unique app or point solution. They typically have limited integration/configuration capabilities and are difficult to scale across a broad population. Healthper has built the technology platform that has over 300 types of activities that can be targeted to specific population segments, individual profiles or specific individuals. These include assessments, trackers, company-wide challenges, personalized challenges, educational content, verified and self-reported activities and much more. With the rich platform capability new activities are added periodically to sustain engagement year over year. There are about 250 data points that are collected about an individual to create hyper personalization. Healthper uses its proprietary technology platform to create and manage its client’s wellness program. The use of the platform allows addressing the different demographics and wellness needs of a sponsor’s population. The company works with clients to choose a program configuration that addresses their needs and allow that to be customized as program unfolds over the years. The similicity of design with an enhanced onboarding experience has attained 100% participation in certain client populations.

Healthper’s platform allows the collaboration of population management with wellness. The population can be segment into groups or sub groups based on location, age, gender, employee, spouse, health condition. Each segment can have specific activities, communications and rewards associated with that segment. Furthermore, each activity can be filtered for a specific individual based on the individual data points. This provides endless configuration of wellness programming tailored to the unique needs of a population. Healthper architects a customized wellness program for a population that is supported by hyperbolic incentive model.

Healthper has simplified the product packaging for its Enterprise employer clients, Enterprise Wellness Basic — highly simplified and value-priced solution and Enterprise Wellness Complete — standard and full-featured solution with added-value options. The turnkey solution includes the capability to customize branding, program activities like health assessment, education, tracking, challenges, reports and rewards. Healthper client can choose to offer individual or team rewards as premium rebate, payroll credit, HSA contribution, raffle or allow earnings to be redeemed in the rewards mall with global fulfillment. Furthermore, client can choose between various incentive models that are available as a template or configure their own. Telephonic coaching is included in the offering that ranges from healthy living to tobacco cessation (RAS compliant). Additional activities based on client needs like external Weight Watchers program, onsite gym credits, local wellness event credits, well-woman visits, preventive screening, biometric screening, credit for blood donation, a client preferred tobacco cessation program can be added to the program configuration.

In an instance, an HR Administrator of a fortune 500 company commented about Healthper program, "Healthper’s team helped us defined our three-year wellness strategy that was very specific to the needs of our employees at the 6 locations. Healthper aggregated all the program needs in single portal and reward earnings into a single source and sent the specific contribution reports to the HSA providers.”

Healthper’s technology is built with an engagement engine to drive personalization. The company is continuing towards adding capabilities to increase engagement in different populations. Healthper offers performance assurance with a pricing model that is based on pay per performance. Healthper’s goal is to drive maximum engagement to deliver the true outcome for their clients by engaging their members and making them healthier.


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Narinder Makin, CEO


Healthper provides a comprehensive wellness and engagement platform to create customized wellness programs that drives reduction in healthcare cost through risk stratification and personalized interventions.

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