Michael Precia
CEO / President

The Compliance Partner for Those Who Aim Higher

Wisconsin based Fleetworthy is changing the way the industry thinks about compliance today. For more than thirty years as ITS Compliance, Fleetworthy has garnered a reputation for assisting fleets exceed state and federal standards. Today, they are building on the ITS legacy and taking fleets of all types and sizes to new heights through the power of intelligent compliance: Fleetworthy’s proprietary approach to integrating exceptional client service, advanced technologies and unmatched industry expertise. Intelligent compliance provides the fleets we serve with the visibility and control it takes to streamline processes, reduce risk and improve profitability.

" Fleetworthy’s proprietary approach to integrating exceptional client service, advanced technologies, and unmatched industry expertise. "

After years of handling all aspects of DOT compliance for 100’s of customers, Fleetworthy was able to build a technology to solve real-world problems and deliver business value to fleets of all sizes and offer a Single Version of the Truth (SVoT). The company’s Intelligent Compliance Platform resulted as an articulated concept of these processes. The company layers in human interaction, expertise, and wisdom into the collection of data from the IoT world, cloud computing, and telematics, with the assistance of modern, helpful, technology solutions with managed services wrapped around them.

Through Fleetworthy’s fleet analyses customers can identify gaps and allow their fleet to begin knowing where they need to be at from a safety and compliance perspective. The platform’s insights allows Fleetworthy to articulate, to the customer, what should be done and where that will get them in the near future. The platform also gives the customers actionable data to pursue, measures compliance and provides reporting on issues which allows the customers, their fleets, and operations to begin identifying areas that can be optimized.

Fleetworthy offers a consultative approach to identify, clearly, the needs of a customer and strategically pairs the right solutions with specific customer pains. A ‘trusted advisor’ approach to account management leads to constant optimizations and improvements for the customers. The platform offers customer/fleet analyses that result in finding gaps, making recommendations, and getting fleet information and telematics data consolidated via a simplified, online dashboard. It identifies, early on, all the systems that will need to ‘talk’ to each other such as partner software, customers data, and device information. Customer-specific reporting and reporting schedules plus regularly scheduled account reviews are implemented after customers are onboarded for maintenance of the relationships, ensuring needs are being met.

Fleetworthy is unique owing to the fact they employ people that possess a great amount of compliance experience and a passion for customer success, delivering a solution that includes Managed Services. The company concentrates on building lasting, meaningful, strategic relationships with members of the industry – both customers and partners. Once Fleetworthy has partnered with a customer and has helped augment their compliance and safety programs, the customers become unburdened and untethered from tactical actions and are then allowed to focus on what they do best – building their business.

In the near future, Fleetworthy will take on a high-level view of identifying market needs and trends with an awareness of how technology can be utilized to address those needs. The company aims to enhance their current offerings through the use of mobile technology, optimizing communications between all parties involved, and staying ahead of regulations and changes in the law.


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Michael Precia, CEO / President


Fleetworthy offers fleet management service and software to ensure dot compliance.

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