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Samir Bhatia, CEO and Founder, Brightleaf Solutions, Inc. has over 25 years of experience building successful technology companies. Samir’s drive, decisiveness, foresight, and experience have enabled the employees to get the best from themselves. There is a constant iterative process, much like Brightleaf’s service, that Brightleaf’s workers put on themselves in order improve. As the employees improve, so the company grows, and everyone (especially the customer!) benefits. This all starts with Samir who eats, breaths, dreams, and bleeds Brightleaf!

" Brightleaf offers an integral part of the Contract Management System implementation process. "

Per Samir, the biggest issue in modern contract management is that unstructured documents cannot be reported on or tracked within any system without the documents going through an extraction process. With Brightleaf’s cradle to grave extraction service approach, they are able to produce text-based documents with the associated, accurate meta-data which is then pulled into any CLM system. This works because Brightleaf’s output of an excel spreadsheet or CSV file can be ingested into any database system. Brightleaf offers an integral part of the Contract Management System implementation process. “System providers are quickly becoming aware of the requirement to manage their client’s legacy documents and are turning to Brightleaf for these efforts,” says Samir. “The story of contract management cannot be told without legacy documents, and as such cannot be told without Brightleaf.” They provide an Excel spreadsheet of the data, one row for each document and one column for each of the attributes/data points. CLM systems have a way to ingest the spreadsheet and the associated files in bulk into their systems, but Brightleaf does the most cumbersome part, which is extracting and checking every data point from the documents to create that spreadsheet.

Brightleaf’s technology can extract meta-data from contractual documents, and is built using Natural Language Processing, Semantic Intelligence and AI technologies. Technology such as AI is quickly becoming one of the most important technologies in society today, which is evident when looking at products such as Alexa or Google Home. In the contract world, it is gaining just as much importance with CLM systems rapidly beginning to include it into their offerings. However, when looking at the data mining/extraction world, there is still a long way to go. Human intervention has never been more important than it is now. “As technology develops, we begin to rely on it more heavily; without truly validating the data. As a result, relying on strictly AI to do the work can produce low accuracy results and be a deterrent in the future,” explains Samir. This is especially the case for legacy contracts which have missing masters to addendums, smudgy scans, contradictory information, missing dates within the documents, etc.

Brightleaf’s semantic intelligence engine/natural language processing technology is a proprietary software platform. Brightleaf core offering, data extraction, can only be done with the assistance of technology. Preaching Brightleaf’s value proposition, the software is integral in making this a viable company; however, it is not the be-all end-all solution. Samir’s experience led to the realization that the only way to achieve accuracy in data is by controlling all three parts of the project: people, process, and technology.

According to Samir, the overall implementation process for a CLM system is often under-estimated. Many clients have blamed the CLM system when their users have not adopted it. “More often than not, we have found that they are not using the system as companies make the easy decision to implement the CLM “this day forward”,” says Samir. “We compare it to a beautiful house without any furniture. Pretty but not effective. Once all the legacy documents and the meta-data have been loaded into the system, the users start using the system, and the investment in the CLM is maximized.”


Brightleaf Solutions, Inc.


Samir Bhatia, CEO & Founder


Brightleaf is the leading provider of contract abstraction (meta data) and analytics using its own semantic intelligence/natural language processing technology.

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