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SGK is a global partner to many of the world’s leading brands. In the past 60+ years, they have grown from strength to strength organising their services, teams and tools around two central pillars: content and packaging. These pillars are the key to building brands that engage consumers. By bringing together the right combination of talent, services and technology, SGK help clients manage infinite brand touch points with a finite number of resources.

" SGK help clients create brand experiences that help them stand out in a crowded marketplace by combining strategic insights and design thinking with efficient systems and optimized production. "

SGK’s evolution from production-oriented company to full-service delivery model has always been with client's needs at heart. Today they continue to align closely with clients and their changing business models and shifting needs. SGK believes that as people have changed how they relate to brands, so they have changed the ways brands get to people. SGK understands the complexity of channels across emerging, developing and developed markets and customise solutions to ensure branded content is delivered to market quickly, in a way that works. They help open up the space between the client's top and bottom line pushing boundaries to accelerate brand performance.

SGK help clients create brand experiences that help them stand out in a crowded marketplace by combining strategic insights and design thinking with efficient systems and optimized production. SGK removes unnecessary hidden-factory costs by creating and managing content and packaging scamlessly across networks and marketing channels and, offer greater agility in the creative production process.

SGK is able to streamline and improve the marketing ecosystem through the client solutions team dedicated for the company’s continuous improvement practice working on prescribing solutions for efficient process. This team has grown to include professionals certified in Prosci Change Management, Six Sigma, Lean and Agile methodologies. Working worldwide, their objective approach focuses squarely on improving the client's supply chain performance. Each region is equipped with professionals based in key markets (from Shanghai to Chicago), who identify opportunitics that help reduce costs and increase speed-to-market process.

In an instance, USG Boral, an international building products and construction materials group who had been on a rapid acquisition drive and undergone significant change was empowered by SGK to move from 13 businesses (and a plethora of brands) to | organisation, with a cohesive look. SGK conducted audits in 12 countries (Australia to Korea) to unearth insights and maximise engagement and buy-in. They built a clear and cohesive packaging strategy that enabled each market to migrate to a consistent brand in the most efficient way. SGK defined a workflow that performed across all markets, then implemented it, building their brand equity, whilst driving efficiencies and economies of scale.

SGK's future growth and expansion are focused on two key areas: anticipating marketer's needs in building brand experiences; and leveraging technologies to build these experiences efficiently. In today's marketplace, brands that can engage consumers with a unique, compelling experiences are the brands that succeed. Building these experiences, however, requires clear strategic and creative foundations, coupled with the ability to produce content quickly. SGK have organized their teams to do both for clients, connecting the strategic and creative offering more pointedly to production capabilities so that they can help marketers ideale, engage and produce content at scale and across channels in a single workstream. SGK has made technology a cornerstone of their future expansion. Their technology roadmap focuses on simplifying, standardizing and automating, applying an agile approach to the creation of marketing collateral. SGK are connecting their teams and workflows more efficiently than ever before, providing a single, global platform that removes geographic barriers and allows them to align their services around market demands. With the right technology tools in place, SGK can add services, offices and resources and scale them quickly to meet client needs.




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SGK is a leading global brand development, activation and deployment company that drives brand performance.

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