Wayne Hayes  & James Bettaney

Wayne Hayes & James Bettaney

Wolk Technology

A Boutique Cloud Technology Company

Wayne Hayes and James Bettaney, the founders of Wolk Technology understand small companies, the challenges, the requirements, the price point. One can say they are advanced in technical skill and knowledge and produce systems that are simple, minimal, easy to understand and then automate as much as is feasible. Wolk was started in Feb 2017, “when a former client asked us to start a company to assist with his IT systems, this was the opportunity to start what had been discussed on many bike rides over the years,” states Wayne. “Since inception we have grown our customer base across several verticals that deal with different market segments.”

The duo made an early decision to align themselves with Amazon Web Services, this decision was based on James’ passion and the inclusive approach of the partner team. “We became AWS Advanced Consulting Partners within 18 months and are very proud of that fact. We are now one of very few in Australia that is fully accredited on the AWS Well Architected Program,” says James. The start of this year they have partnered with the Monash to start an internal graduate program. This starts with an internship, where interns are given exposure to customer service, cloud systems and encouraged to include themselves in projects.

"Wolk has evolved from their initial concept of a Managed Services Provider to a Classic MSP, a specialist ERP partner and an AWS (cloud) consultancy. "

Wolk has evolved from their initial concept of a Managed Services Provider to a Classic MSP, a specialist ERP partner and an AWS (cloud) consultancy. They are good at working with specialist vendors and providers, and have a close relationship with a company called Accrivia, who specialise in very specific verticals providing ERP, Payroll and back of house software. The company are Syspro (ERP business system) Sales and Implementation Partners and work alongside other Syspro partners offering expertise to assist their delivery. They enable small franchisees to have systems that are based on large enterprise standards at a cost that is not prohibitive. “This is our passion, enabling enterprise grade systems and security standards, even for the small guys, scale at any scale,” says Wayne.

The company also tries to make themselves accessible, when most in the industry have a reputation for hiding behind walls, automated phone systems, service desk software and overseas under qualified agents. “We use service desk software to track issues and requests but find that it is too prohibitive as a communication method, for this we use instant messaging and collaboration tools, especially Microsoft Teams,” adds James. “Our most successful communication is still done by picking up the phone or dropping in for a coffee.”

According to Wayne, they love talking about their franchisee solution. It uses some modern techniques to produce small individual solutions for small (up 5 user) customers. The solution on the customer level includes everything they need, encryption, backup, secure access, monitoring, constant compliance testing and remediation. Each customer has their own dedicated system, data, backup, encryption, AWS Account, nothing is shared between customers. “We deliver a Windows Desktop Experience with full Active Directory, centralized data, for multiple users,” adds Wayne.

Currently, WOLK Technology is experiencing continued growth, their only focus is to deliver to more customers. All their targets are customer based - number of customers, type of customers. “We pride ourselves on the relationship part of customer service and account management. We are very comfortable with our customers in our market,” says James. “We will continue to run a graduate program, we believe we are creating a very particular brand of technology, which has strict guardrails and can be trained. So, the ability to learn, a great personality and a passion can make up for a lack of experience in a lot of cases. We aim to be THE cloud provider to the franchise market in Australia.”


Wolk Technology


Wayne Hayes & James Bettaney


Wolk are the only “cloud server” solution we recommend. Their commitment to quality of service and backup support is exceptional.

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