Geeman Yip,
Founder, CEO

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Geeman Yip founded BitTitan in his basement in 2007 with two objectives: making software for the cloud and helping people move to cloud environments. He devoted his skills, insight and industry knowledge into building a solution that would meet these objectives. In 2009, BitTitan unveiled MigrationWiz, the industry-leading 100-percent SaaS solution for mailbox, document and public-folder migrations between a wide range of Sources and Destinations.

“ BitTitan prides its solutions on being capable of scaling to the unique needs of any organization and has achieved successful results for many customers. ”

Whether it’s for a value-added reseller, system integrator or managed services provider, BitTitan’s mission is to help IT professionals become more successful through standardization and automation. BitTitan believes that every IT services provider can grow their business and offer powerful cloud solutions. As a fully automated solution, MigrationWiz streamlines the migration process for IT professionals and their customers with no specialized training or professional services required. Customers can initiate and run cloud and on-prem migrations anytime from anywhere – all from one dashboard.

BitTitan prides its solutions on being capable of scaling to the unique needs of any organization and has achieved successful results for many customers. In one instance, IT service and consulting company Orange Networks utilized BitTitan’s MigrationWiz to migrate over 33,000 users for ThyssenKrupp Elevator to Office 365. Over the course of five months, Orange Networks successfully migrated all 33,000 employees who were distributed globally and had 18 separate Source environments from which ThyssenKrupp Elevator needed to migrate mailboxes to Office 365.

Recently, BitTitan introduced Microsoft Teams migration capabilities to MigrationWiz. These new features enable IT professionals to migrate an instance of Teams and corresponding Channels, Conversations, Permissions and Files to a new Microsoft Office 365 tenant. These capabilities allow IT professionals to support an emerging workload demand and deliver an end-to-end Office 365 migration experience. Customers can employ these features by purchasing a $15 Collaboration License from BitTitan or a distribution partner.

After focusing on helping move end users to the cloud during its first ten years in business, BitTitan is now leading the IT industry into the next decade with Voleer, a recently unveiled IT services automation platform that’s designed to help customers offer more services to end users as they grow their business. Voleer centralizes and automates the day-to-day IT needs for engineers and administrators. It enables IT professionals to assess, deploy, manage and remediate IT needs across all resources, whether it be an on-prem server, SaaS application, IoT device and more. Voleer can reach across networks and cloud environments to help customers manage business outcomes with a single button.

With cloud growth on the rise internationally, BitTitan is continually working toward meeting the growing needs of global customers and equipping IT professionals with cutting-edge solutions to optimize the benefits of the cloud. BitTitan is seeing an increase in cloud adoption and cloud-to-cloud migrations in the government, education and health-care verticals. It is helping end users in those industries securely transition to cloud environments.

Within the last six months, BitTitan has added to MigrationWiz coexistence features and Microsoft Teams migration capabilities. It has unveiled Voleer to help IT service professionals package and sell new solutions more effectively. Because its solutions are cloud-based, BitTitan is uniquely qualified to meet the specialized needs of global customers. As BitTitan customers will attest, its automated solutions are fast, easy to use and, simply put, they just work.


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Geeman Yip
Founder, CEO


BitTitan MigrationWiz, the leading IT migration solution, enables IT services providers to enable their customers to adopt the cloud.

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