Russell Haworth

Russell Haworth
CEO & Executive Director


A Secure Future

In the fast-moving technology industry, where some of today’s most influential businesses are some of the newest, two decades is an impressive time over which to maintain a reputation as a trusted, secure and innovative player in the field.

"Nominet begins developing and applying cyber security tools, technologies and expertise for the Endeavour CAV project that is exploring autonomous ride-sharing."

And Nominet doesn’t merely boast longevity. It was established in 1996 as the registry for the .UK domain, which, as one of the world’s largest, has evolved at pace to meet the challenges of the operating at the heart of a changing internet. Today, the registry handles over 12 million .UK domains and provides registry services for some of the biggest brands in the world.

Such rapid growth led to the development of cyber security systems that are some of the most resilient and advanced in the world, as befits an organisation handling a piece of critical national infrastructure. Initially used in house, the past few years has seen Nominet offering their expertise on a wider basis, helping government and enterprises tackle the security threats facing their networks.

Nominet’s unique offering pivots on their expert understanding of the Domain Name System (DNS), the ‘phone book of the internet’ and the arena in which most criminals launch their nefarious activities. The company’s NTX platform pinpoints and delivers actionable intelligence; it’s a capability that has attracted interest from governments and companies around the world.

“We take great pride in our role in the UK government’s world-renowned Active Cyber Defence programme. Our NTX technology sits at the heart of a ‘protective’ DNS service that has already stopped millions of threats from compromising network security.”

Cyber security is just one of the many ways in which Nominet is utilising its experience and market position to diversify the business and support those coping with the increasingly digital world. “We have a company vision of a digital future that is connected, inclusive and secure for all. Everyone should be able to reap the benefits and opportunities that technology offers,” explains Russell Haworth, Nominet’s CEO.

“This is a profit with a purpose company. Everything we do, from our registry services to our work in cyber, to our pioneering work in wireless technologies, makes a contribution to the digital world. But it goes further – the profits we make fund a charitable programme that uses technology to help improve the lives of one million young people.”

Since 2008, Nominet has become the UK’s leading tech for good funder, donating over $65 million. The current programme includes supporting leading mental health and young people charities, working with organisations on countering online harm, and targeting young people directly through digital skills workshops across the country. It is not enough to be just connected to the internet, explains Russell. “Individuals must have the digital skills and the confidence to participate and thrive within a digital economy.”

With an ambitious programme to support, commercial success is a pre-requisite.

Russell says: “Our sights are set high. We’re at an exciting stage as we become a more international business, develop new business areas and develop cutting edge solutions – but it’s the culture we have that makes it all possible. What everyone has in common here is a desire to be the best, a willingness to pull together, and a pride in making a real difference. It’s a winning combination.”

Already one of the UK’s most prominent and longstanding technology companies, its expertise and agility to meet the demands of the changing world, and the drive to support those who would otherwise get left behind, will ensure Nominet remains one to watch.




Russell Haworth
CEO & Executive Director


We want to create a world which is more connected, inclusive and secure. For over 20 years, we have been operating at the heart of the internet infrastructure as proud guardians of the .UK domain name registry.

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