Steve Olp

Steve Olp
President & CEO


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Steve Olp, President & CEO, TEAM Technology is a highly-experienced and innovative leader who has always sought to leverage technology to improve business operations. Having worked in a variety of leadership positions in a variety of industries, Steve gained extensive knowledge in manufacturing, operations, distribution and business management. He went on to incorporate his immense experience with his technology expertise to help companies become more agile, scalable and profitable while achieving world-class performance. The key to this effort has been the creation of Business365™—a comprehensive business management software platform that is powered by Microsoft technologies.

" TEAM Technology is a highly-experienced and innovative leader who has always sought to leverage technology to improve business operations. "

Steve’s more than three decades of leadership enables him to envision business operations from a variety of different viewpoints, enabling him to see numerous improvement opportunities in existing business processes, and combined with his technology expertise, to create more holistic technology solutions. During his career Steve has rebuilt the business systems for BP’s Texas City Refinery following the fatal explosion in 2005, and then created new business systems to support all the work following the Deepwater Horizon disaster, gaining a virtual lifetime of experience in just a few years. In his role as CEO of TEAM Technology Steve has enabled his employees to leverage their own insights and creativity, allowing TEAM Technology to create a world-class all-in-one business management solution that allows a business to manage its finances, sales, operations, inventory, shipping and CRM all on a single integrated platform— Business365™.

Business365™ deliver the full business functionality used today with familiar Microsoft Office products to keep customers connected to what matters most—the clients. Most companies use a wide variety of disparate software to run their businesses. Most common are the standard Microsoft office products, which includes not only those staple productivity software products, but also includes collaboration tools. More often, companies then add on additional business software for accounting, inventory management, customer relationship management, payroll, invoicing, AP/AR, etc. Having disparate systems means that data is often entered multiple times into multiple systems, and these systems do not integrate or share data very well. Business365 combines the best of Outlook (for email), ERP (for financials, inventory, AP/AR, orders, sales, receiving and operations), CRM (for managing customer and vendor data) and personal productivity tools (Office 365) along with Cortana Artificial Intelligence, to make running a business easy, using any device from any location.

For example, when a company uses one service for email, another software for financials, a third for CRM and something else different for managing a warehouse or shop-floor operation, data must be entered multiple times into multiple systems, and employees often have to switch from one system to another in order to do their job. Each time an employee has to switch applications, productivity is lost. It is not uncommon for the productivity loss to be 40 percent or more when 3 or 4 different applications are being used to do a particular job. By integrating all these functions together, employees can do much of their work, right from within their Outlook (email), without having to actually stop and go into another system. This speeds’ up the work process, and eliminates errors due to mis-matched data that will always occur whenever data is entered more than once into more than one system.

For the foreseeable future, businesses will continue to move toward cloud-based software and technologies, and employee workforces will become more diverse, not only from a social standpoint, but also from a geographical standpoint. To that end, TEAM will continue to work closely with Microsoft to make it easier and easier for individual employees to be more empowered, capable, productive, and ultimately satisfied with the way they are able to work and collaborate with their peers.




Steve Olp
President & CEO


Team Technology (TEAM) is an information technology firm providing Enterprise-Class technology solutions primarily to small and mid-sized companies.

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