Parvez Jasani

Parvez Jasani, CEO


Making Mobile Recharge Simple & Secure

Parvez Jasani, CEO at CELLPAY has been and is still an industry leader with over 15 years of experiences in IT and Telecom industry. He strongly believes that one should not wait for perfection to launch a product. Instead, constantly execute and iterate. “Move quickly. Keep in mind that a product will never be perfect, and it definitely won’t be at launch,” says the steadfast leader. “Once the product has been in the market, listen to customer feedback and consider their wants, needs and concerns.” He thinks one should strive to innovate, adapt to changes in the market and stay two steps ahead of the competition.

" CELLPAY’s reputation is built on their ability to provide the best customer service and their ability to listen to retailers and distributors for a new feature or product enhancements. "

Parvez has left no stone unturned in his quest to bring innovation. Some of the out-of-the-box implementations made by him to revolutionize his industry include cell phone number validator where the customer selects the carrier and inputs the phone number. Their validation system validates the phone number to the carrier and only after that it will allow them to make a purchase. His technology also can restrict double loading on the same phone number for a given period of time to reduce fraud.

Parvez’s biggest challenge was to develop a system which can enable a consumer to make payments through multiple platforms such as online, phone IVR and walk in. This was solved by developing a complete new platform – and making this available to consumer. Also, payment processing was a big challenge which CELLPAY settled through their payment processing partners and their bank. In an instance, consumers sometimes purchase a PIN for the wrong carrier, instead of Virgin Mobile, they might buy one for Verizon. CELLPAY’s system will only allow top-ups and no PIN delivery – their smart system will convert PINs to a direct top-up. If some carriers only provide PINs, their system can still convert those to top-up and load minutes on the consumer’s phone directly, hence eliminating the PIN exposure and incorrect PIN selection as CELLPAY also has a number validator, hence, the top-up only works if the right carrier is selected.

CELLPAY has culminated to become a leader in the prepaid industry. “We operate this business with great pride and treat and listen to our customers’ complaints and enhancements, and work on those with the highest priority,” explains Parvez. “This level of customer service is vested very deeply in all of our employees and managers – the customer always comes first.” CELLPAY’s reputation is built on their ability to provide the best customer service and their ability to listen to retailers and distributors for a new feature or product enhancements. “We have also been very quick in adding a new product or pushing our enhancements in a short period of time,” adds Parvez.

Advising the future entrepreneurs, Parvez states that when starting out, it is best to answer questions. Questions such as: what does your company do (in as few words as possible), what are you selling, what are you charging, what are your long term goals for the company, what are your short term goals for the company, how are you going to advertise, how are you going to grow the company, how are you going to fund the company, where are you going to set up up the company, what licenses and fees do you need, etc.!

For the days to come, CELLPAY is in the process of launching International Top Up, SIM Card activation and gift card sales. They are also in the process of rolling out their self-service fully automated re-up Kiosk.




Parvez Jasani


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