Sriram Subramanya
Founder, Managing Director & CEO

Unique Content and Digital Solutions

Sriram Subramanya, Founder, Managing Director, and CEO of Integra is a pioneering visionary leader who has taken the company to new heights through his ability to look ahead in time and seize opportunities which no one could anticipate. Founded by Sriram more than two decades ago, Integra has evolved from providing a single service in one segment to handling approximately 45 services across 4 different publishing segments, today. Integra has culminated into one of the most sought-after end-to-end publishing services partners offering a whole gamut of services from development editing to digital products for global publishers. The company also offers complete solutions across all aspects of the digital & eLearning content lifecycle to non-publishing verticals such as educational content providers, educational institutions, and corporate entities, transforming traditional media-based content into new age interactive learning modules.

" Staying positive in thoughts, deeds and words, habit of sharing with others and leading life with a smile will take a person a long way in life "

During the formative years of Integra, some of Sriram’s unique qualities—self-discipline, passion for work, high process orientation, eye for detail, investing in advance by spotting opportunities early and focus on providing quality services—boosted the growth of Integra. Sriram’s ability to learn and unlearn are the competencies required at each stage of the business, which assisted the steadfast leader to shape his company according to the latest technological innovations. Drawing on his sectoral, know-how and vast experience in working with publishers, Sriram and his talented team is helping global publishing customers with their digital transformation journey through technology and workflow solutions.

Sriram’s key traits in, always having a positive attitude and self-confidence has given him the ability to take business risks through investment when an opportunity is spotted much ahead in time. “All this was not possible if we did not have a seasoned team and made appropriate acquisitions. We did face a lot of hurdles in our journey, but that did not deter us from our path towards success,” says Sriram.

He invested in disruptive digital technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Robotic Process Automation (RPA), incorporating them in Integra’s solutions much before customers realized how these technologies would impact their business. Today, Integra offers revolutionary technologies in a content production scenario augmenting the capabilities of a publisher from editorial to production. Their products and platforms offer publishers the benefits of accelerated publishing cycle times and boost productivity of publisher’s in-house staff enabling to do more with limited resources.

The company is a pioneer in offering end-to-end content solutions designed to support the learning requirements and has developed specialized software solutions to effectively deliver high-quality content and digital services. In an instance, Integra assisted the world’s largest Academic Publisher with a large portfolio of Books and Journal business by integrating a huge list of specialist Journal portfolio into an existing business, strengthening the client’s Scholarly Journals portfolio in the market. Integra set up a dedicated transition team with all functional experts developing a specific workflow, customizing tools to handle the complex nature of the journal articles, running pilots and test environments. The smooth transition is what has strengthened the bond between the client and Integra.

Moving forward, Sriram continues to lead Integra with his ability to look into the future, committed to leverage technology and proven processes to create sustainable successes for their customers. By recognizing the need for technological innovation to stay relevant, internally Integra is championing innovation-driven work-culture that helps them stay ahead in the industry. The company is setting up a Centre of Excellence for Immersive Content Solutions and is looking towards the future with a goal to help their customer partners succeed with their digital transformation goals. Sriram signs-off by quoting what he believes and practices in his life “Staying positive in thoughts, deeds and words, habit of sharing with others and leading life with a smile will take a person a long way in life”..




Sriram Subramanya, Founder, Managing Director & CEO


Integra is a leading digital content solutions company providing content enrichment and learning transformation services to publishers and educational institutions while also providing bespoke, workplace learning and development solutions for enterprises.

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