Elena Turanskaya
General Director

Transforming Lives Worldwide

The history leading to the establishment of Moldova based ADD GRUP and transforming Elena Turanskaya into one of the most influential leaders—who has not only taken the company to new heights but also transformed lives globally—is worth mentioning.

ADD GRUP was founded in 1992 in the city of Chisinau, Republic of Moldova. At this time, Elena was 12 years old. It was a difficult time as USSR had just ceased to exist, and the Republic of Moldova was one of the smallest and weakest countries. The country inherited a large number of talented engineers, but the economy was destroyed. One of the main problems at that time was that people trying to do something had no idea about the rules of doing business, and did not understand how companies functioned and, in fact, studied the same from scratch.

" ADD GRUP helps Utility Companies increase their economic efficiency by reducing electricity losses and minimizing operational costs, therefore protecting their revenue by providing Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) solutions. "

At this time, Elena was maturing and studying while ADD GRUP looked for its way. Elena began her work at the ADD GRUP in 1998, having a year of studies at a US school in Alexandria, Minnesota through a student exchange program and one university year behind the shoulders. Elena got the opportunity to study abroad due to her dedication and ability to accomplish tasks from a younger age. It is important to note that the competition in the student exchange program was extremely tough: six thousand people for just four places, Elena, however, managed to deal with the tough challenge and was successfully selected.

For the further development of the organization, it was necessary to enter the markets outside the former USSR. People of the new generation, with new opportunities, with a new vision, were required.

Elena turned out to be the person who, despite her age, was able to create a team of young, educated people and bring the company to an entirely different level. Becoming a Marketing Director, Elena began to establish partnerships with leading companies in the field of electricity supply (DSO). A firm from a small country with the real population of 2 million people slowly culminated into one of the leaders in a complex, conservative and high-tech market.

As time went by, Elena's leadership qualities and ability to arrange and efficient working process assisted her in scaling up with career and take over the management of production and finance. Today, Elena continues to successfully combine hard work and studies at several universities at the advanced stage of her career. Her resume proudly shows the faculty of Political Studies and Administrative Management from Moldova State University, Faculty of Economics from Free International University of Moldova and MBA from Newport University, USA.

Today, ADD GRUP managed by Elena counts for 6 million smart electricity meters in more than 30 countries which include regions as Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Central, and South-Eastern Asia and Latin America. The primary goal of ADD GRUP in the field of quality is creating the image of a reliable supplier of high-tech products characterized by excellent condition, complying with world standards and their customers’ expectations. The primary means to achieve this goal is an effective Quality Management System (QMS), which the firm is applying in each division of their organization. A clear distribution of personnel authorities, efficient interaction of business processes, the existence of the necessary instructions and methods assure the successful quality management on each stage of the production cycle.

ADD GRUP helps Utility Companies increase their economic efficiency by reducing electricity losses and minimizing operational costs, therefore protecting their revenue by providing Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) solutions. The interoperable Smart Metering system named ADDAX IMS, developed by ADD GRUP helps Utilities automate data reading and speed up data processing, improve energy management and enhance the quality of electricity supply and energy efficiency, become environmentally friendly.

Smart Electricity Meters

Smart electricity meters—one of the most important products that ADD GRUP develops and manufactures for the Smart Grid—with ADDAX brand name, are installed in numerous cities around the world. They allow power companies to solve problems related to control over power grids, fight theft of electricity, promptly provide bills for consumed electricity, to name a few. The projects that the firm is currently implementing affect a large number of consumers since everyone has a meter. Hence, ADD GRUP pays particular attention to product quality. If the meter fails, the consumer may be left without electricity, which cannot be allowed in any way.

ADDAX IMS represents a set of solutions for the challenges facing the modern electricity metering technology in the framework of the AMI concepts. ADDAX Metering Solution provides meter reading, data collection, data processing, communication and specific functions of the data analysis. ADDAX System offers credit and prepayment mode of meter operation, load control and load shedding, multi-rate metering, fraud protection functions, and energy quality control. The system provides all the necessary data for meter-to-cash business processes.

The main features of the ADDAX IMS include an open standards-based solution which provides interoperability and interconnectivity with measuring devices and compatible components (hardware/software) of the AMR/AMM/AMI systems produced by other manufacturers. The product also applies open stacks for both the communication and application protocols. ADDAX IMS uses DLMS/COSEM standards allowing manufacturers and communication technology the much-required independence. ADDAX IMS also offers scalability that is being a flexible and easily scalable metering solution that can be seamlessly expanded from a small project to a large operating system. The feature of easy deployment which enables quick and seamless deployment based on "plug & play" connection that radically decrease installation and maintenance costs. Auto-discovery function makes it easier to manage the newly installed equipment. It gives security that enables the secure access, storage and management of information based on the data encryption and key management. Business-oriented solution offering all necessary data for utility needs and billing purposes and enabling optimization of the distribution systems by minimizing the distribution network losses, improving the quality of the electrical power, and eliminating the peak load.

ADDAX IMS also gives a real-time metering function which permits both scheduled and instantaneous remote metering of electricity/water/gas/heat. Implements a flexible TOU tariff, which promotes the electricity supply to markets with different customers' capabilities and functional requirements. It is tamper-proof allowing detecting and ceasing the electricity theft and fraud. ADDAX IMS also offers credit and prepayment flexibility and supports both credit and STS-based prepayment modes, which can be changed during the meter operation.

Elena takes special care and responsibility in quality, reliability and full compliance with international standards demanded by the industry. Thus under Elena’s management, the company achieves ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO17025, ISO27001, ISO45001. Accreditation Certificate is proof that the parameters of smart meters’ accuracy class can be measured directly in their testing laboratory. ADD GRUP is technically competent and able to produce precise and accurate test and calibration data. Nowadays, the firm’s testing laboratory is used just for the purposes for testing and confirming the accuracy class of products, but after the firm has proved that it fulfills the international requirements, it can also be available and attractive for the third parts in the future.

It is pertinent to mention that the firm invests heavily in equipment for checking and controlling of the manufactured products, using the quality control system, developed within ADD GRUP, which meets the most serious requirements for such systems.

Conquering New Markets

Presently, Elena is actively developing a new strategy for business expansion to new markets. Thus following smart metering market development trends, the decision was made to diversify the existing product portfolio with Smart Water Metering Solution “ADDRA” and Intelligent Irrigation Solution “ADDA.”

Alongside with consistent development of electricity metering markets and expansion of project geography to the Middle East, Africa and Latin America ADD GRUP's strategy now adds a new target: leadership position in Smart Water Metering market segment. Therefore ADD GRUP has already started an aggressive tackling of new opportunities and managed to establish essential contacts that will enable the entrance of the new product to European water resources market thus helping the consumers to use the latter responsibly.

Freshwater saving and optimized use is an issue with continually growing importance. Be it a multi-story apartment building in a megapolis, a private houses area, a golf club, a park or a farm, and all consumers need an increased efficiency for the use of resources and cost reduction. Respectively the solution designed by ADD GRUP is focused on these two key considerations.

As projects get more substantial in size and geography, Elena adds new tasks and targets for ADD GRUP, which are becoming more and more global thus supporting ADD GRUP's growth dynamics as well as a personal vector to challenge and conquer new horizons. “Consistency in pursuing the goals and achieving those makes the horizons broader while the competitors have to adapt humbly,” says Elena. To connect with ADD Grup and experience their value, visit www.addgrup.com


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Elena Turanskaya, General Director


ADD Grup, is a developer and manufacturer of smart metering solutions.

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