Suresh Kumar
Business Head

Reliable eCommerce Service Providers

Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence. This terminology best defines and highlights the thought process of the leader of Faith eCommerce Services. He has 15 years of experience working in the IT industry and working in different companies helped him figure out the key behind a company’s success that is “Client’s Satisfaction and Client’s Happiness”. Faith eCommerce Services is a growing eCommerce service provider company. They understand the nitty-gritty of client’s business and value of customer’s aspirations making it as their responsibility to share them with organizations. The company effortlessly takes hold of an organization’s operations and create a measurable, stronger and valuable impact to your business.

" Faith eCommerce lets the customers analyze and recommend their business and work processes. "

For the leadership of the company having faith in people is the utmost requirement for success. According to the management of Faith eCommerce, companies should understand that people are hard and smart workers, and if they are given the right tools, they can create magic. Faith eCommerce has implemented unique tools across the organization to quicken the work process and maintain the transparency and security for clients. These tools include employee monitoring system, project management tools, and client management tools, to name a few.

Faith eCommerce lets the customers analyze and recommend their business and work processes. The company has a team of experts which spends time to find out the best ways to solve a client’s query. The company only starts the designing and developing a system after the client’s approval. Their processes involves requirement analysis, brain storming, discussion and solution, designing and development, testing, delivering, and promotion. In an instance, one of Faith's clients required few filters according to the order value and was having trouble in shipping orders because of address issues.

The client wanted Faith eCommerce to keep track of shipped and unshipped orders and manage reviews to gain the confidence of buyers. Faith eCommerce added filters based on order value, traced and filtered orders above value desired by the client. The company also sorted 400 orders each day by categorization the order's age from old to new. Alongside, they also resolved errors and updated all orders and then put them into the loading dock and batch them with “Packing Slip”. Today, Faith eCommerce manages two Magento based eStore for this client and shipping 3000 products every week. They aim to provide accurate, error-free as well as pocket-friendly services to their clients. Faith eCommerce has increased the speed of the client’s shipping service by combining orders and resolving address issues.

Advising the future entrepreneurs, the leadership of Faith eCommerce states that when it becomes obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don't try to adjust the goals, try adjusting the action plans. As in; fitting in is a short-term strategy that takes businesses nowhere. Standing out with particular goals is a long-term strategy that takes guts and produces results. For the days to come Faith eCommerce will soon be launching their eCommerce Combo, where they planned to offer all of the services required to run a successful website at a very economical price. Faith eCommerce made this combo by including each and every service they offer from Content creation to Uploading and Market it. They are excited about it because this going to benefit lots of online stores owner out there in the market.


Faith eCommerce Services


Suresh Kumar, Business Head


Faith eCommerce Services is a growing eCommerce service provider company.

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