Jeff Kelley

Prepare, Protect, Prosper

Jeff Kelley a serial entrepreneur with an experience of more than two decades and his business partner started Chameleon in a small office in 2003 and transformed themselves into becoming the market leaders in providing high-quality IT services to government agencies and commercial companies. Today, Chameleon has expanded steadily through contracts with multiple agencies inside the Department of Defense because of their consistent, sustained focus on delivering optimized operations, mission-aligned IT capabilities, and transformational results. Jeff’s vision for success is simple: To create an organization that exceeds its customers’ and employees’ expectations. Their expertise in operations management, quality systems, data operations, and cybersecurity has earned Chameleon a Top-Secret Facility Clearance (DSS approved Top Secret), and secure some of the most sensitive data for the Department of Defense and other U.S. federal government agencies.

According to Jeff, mainframe migration to the cloud and data center consolidation is the policy of the federal government now, and many of Chameleon’s customers face the overwhelming task of modernizing their IT applications and systems. The costs and complexity of migrating applications to other platforms and the cloud is full of inherent risks as customers have ‘top secret’ security classifications, making them even bigger targets for cybersecurity threats. Chameleon responds to these challenges with a unique approach that is built around one set of goals to help customers Prepare, Protect, Prosper.

" Chameleon is committed to bridging the gap between the strategic vision and functional delivery by maintaining a high amount of integrity at all level of the company, from leadership through the employees. "

Prepare focuses on IT modernization through Chameleon’s complete suite of services designed to modernize even the most obsolete infrastructure and put customers in a position to succeed now and optimize for the future. Protect focuses on Cybersecurity utilizing modern tools to implement highly effective defenses and possessing ways to ensure safety and security on networks, storage solutions, application development and personnel. Lastly, prosper focuses on continuous improvement, which means understanding customer’s mission and helping plan for the future, leading the transformation of IT mission-critical needs. User experience is at the heart of this process, Chameleon achieves it by understanding user requirements, routines and established protocols, and collaboratively working together to establish new ways of getting the work done with better results.

Explaining Chameleon’s capability is the work the company has done for the U.S. Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA). Effective service desks are organized around processes, procedures, tasks and checklists that align IT services with business needs and helps organizations realize business change, transformation and growth.This modernization and improvement approach was successfully implemented at DISA Global Service Desk (GSD) program over the past several years through ongoing projects and programs. GSD was restructured three years ago to promote an innovative approach, that ultimately saved the agency money while enhancing service management operational results. DISA’s worldwide locations include the Pentagon and the White House Communications Office, two locations requiring continuous service. An organizational and technical structure was planned and implemented that enabled virtual consolidation of service management agents from 22 geographic locations to five and yielding approximately USD 75 million in cost avoidance by changing the way service management and desktop support was being provided. The team also achieved a 200% increase in Tier II Desktop Support resolution coupled with a customer/user satisfaction rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. To ensure the security of data within the GSD modernization, Chameleon implemented the Department of Defense Endpoint Security Solutions (ESS) for the DISA headquarters endpoint security compliance initiative.

Chameleon is committed to bridging the gap between the strategic vision and functional delivery by maintaining a high amount of integrity at all level of the company, from leadership through the employees. Chameleon will continue working towards their mission of understanding the unique challenges of the customers and deploying the best resources for their challenges.




Jeff Kelley, CEO


Chameleon Integrated Services provides agile IT integration services delivering differentiated and transformational outcomes that enable our clients to exceed their mission objectives.

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