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Offering Unique eProcurement Tool

More than two decades ago, telecom veterans David Roberts recognized the major problems being faced by the telecom industry. They understood that larger telecom carriers had the upper hand during the sourcing process and numerous telecom companies were incorrectly invoicing their customers for services and, in many cases, intentionally overbilling them. Roberts, who came from the world of large telecom providers, decided to form Teligistics with co-founder Randy Councill to fight for customers that he knew, had been exploited.

Roberts has transformed the process multinational enterprises use to acquire telecom services from the world’s largest global telecom providers. Teligistics recently eclipsed the $10 billion mark for outsourced telecom contract value for clients over their 20-plus-year history. Roberts’ vision led to the development of Telibid – a unique eProcurement tool designed specifically to strategically source enterprise level telecom services. Telibid is backed by industry experts to help customers get the most out of the sourcing and procurement process.

" Teligistics used their decades of contract negotiation experience and technical expertise to design a web-based solution capable of guiding businesses through the entire RFP process—all in one portal. "

According to Roberts, most organizations are aware of the request for proposal process, the ideal method for sourcing and procuring contracts with third-party vendors. Unfortunately, many enterprises find the practice frustrating, as it forces them to devote precious time to calculating cost, wading through proposals and communicating with prospective service providers. With this reality in mind, Teligistics used their decades of contract negotiation experience and technical expertise to design a web-based solution capable of guiding businesses through the entire RFP process—all in one portal. Telibid enables Roberts and his team of experts to strategically source telecom contracts for their clients and provide them with a streamlined, web-based toolkit for overseeing all parts of the process. Plus, it includes proprietary features not found in other sourcing software.

Strategic sourcing is a key component to proper telecom lifecycle management. Any “Best Practices” process in telecom management begins with a properly structured telecom RFP. Creating, implementing and managing telecom RFP’s (request for pricing) is a core-competency at Teligistics and is the original service category offered when Teligistics was founded. In an instance, a well-known Fortune 100 retailer with over 8,600 stores globally and $154Mn annual spend in telecom was facing a number of challenges including launching a strategic telecom RFP. Teligistics assisted the client and launched a paperless Telibid RFP from scratch in less than ninety days, obtained “World Class” terms and pricing, reduced telecom vendors to less than six, and was able to save $51M over the term while increasing capacity (nearly 33 percent) alongside helping them in other issues.

The RFP and procurement process for large global organizations in telecom and network design is tedious, labor intensive and lengthy. Roberts’ solution to create a completely paperless, online tool that allowed multiple stakeholders from vendor bidders and client procurement and IT teams to access has been ingenious. It has literally taken months off the process for these large enterprises and allowed them to have accurate and comparative analytical data in which to make multi-million-dollar procurement decisions.

The company is continually looking to offload more processes for their clients that take them away from their core competency. For the days to come, the company wants to enhance their offerings and have begun to process and audit utility invoices for their clients. The steadfast leader, Roberts who is also a bestselling author, and sponsors startup funding competition and owns a publishing company and several other entities, aims to take the company to new heights. Under Roberts leadership, Teligistics’ strive to innovate and adopt the client’s goals as their own.




Dave Roberts, CEO


Teligistics, Inc. provides telecommunications expense management solutions.

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