Paul Harris
Chief Executive & Technology Officer

Flawless IT Solutions

ClinkIT Solutions is a Multi-Gold Certified Microsoft Partner and Software Services company providing top-of-the-line IT solutions delivered flawlessly and on time to businesses around the globe. Collectively, their team has decades of experience in the IT industry and offers wide ranging expertise, including sophisticated software solutions, web design, and nuanced digital marketing services. ClinkIT creates proven business solutions by providing software, hardware, and services to over 100 startups and multinational clients across the globe.

" The flexibility and empowerment energize our staff and allows us to engage each customer with candor about where their ability lies and how we can complement and elevate those talents. "

According to the charismatic leader of ClinkIT Solutions, Paul Harris, technology is evolving at a break-neck speed. Customers in this high-speed market are looking for a partner that is agile and willing to move fast with them. Having over two decades of technical and leadership experience in the IT industry, Paul has taken ClinkIT to new heights; making it the most sought-after IT partner worldwide.

ClinkIT builds flawlessly executed IT solutions for global businesses, crafting technologies that drive organizations to success. Paul’s fearlessness, vision, and drive for success have provided him extensive exposure to very large-scale projects all around the world. His focus for the company is to be fast, flexible, and flawless. He achieves this by building great teams that are empowered to achieve success for their clients and learn from mistakes.

ClinkIT’s focus is on delivering solutions around the world, utilizing cost optimized engineers and managers, while maintaining excellence. “Too often when outsourcing, there is an assumption that quality or ability are sacrificed. However, we consistently produce better quality and work to higher expectations than our customers” says Paul. “This comes from demanding quality internally and focusing on our employees by empowering them to achieve the best result for the client.”

ClinkIT hires the best talent and provides them with the tools, flexibility and support required to deliver world class customer service. Their team of talented IT professionals are excited by challenges and the opportunity to transform them into successful solutions. “The flexibility and empowerment energize our staff and allows us to engage each customer with candor about where their ability lies and how we can complement and elevate those talents” says Paul. “Our attrition is well below industry standards; I’d like to think that this is because our employees are challenged, but rewarded, and the best want to continue to be with the best. We want to work towards enhancing ourselves and our clients,” adds Paul.

In one example, when working with a well-known Wall Street bank’s software division, ClinkIT wrote some extremely complex software around real-time equity option market analysis and playback data across massive datasets. “It was, and to this day is, truly amazing. The customer was completely blown away, we took their requirements, hit them, then went beyond only because we are so passionate about technology,” explains Paul. “We also work with many customers within SE Asia that are routinely impressed with our quick execution and demand for excellence.” The theme that recurs across ClinkIT’s customer feedback is their love of the ease of engagement and the unmatched quality of their solutions. This feedback is incredibly encouraging to Paul and his team and drives them to seek out new challenges, deliver best in class results, and grow with their customers.

Given their success, ClinkIT is expanding considerably and is opening its fifth office shortly and is on track to grow to 200 employees next year. The company growth is driven by their client needs and focused on how to best serve their current and future customers. This is done in such a way as to establish offices in areas that have the best locations for talent acquisition and retention.

In addition to their five Gold Microsoft Certifications, ClinkIT is expanding their Oracle Cloud, ServiceNow and SAP offerings, along with the public launch of their digital agency that’s deeply technically focused. In the days to come, ClinkIT will be delivering at least one if not two full commercial products. Despite ClinkIT’s outstanding and unmatched track record to date, Paul is confident that the best is yet to come and he is incredibly excited by the opportunities that lie ahead.


ClinkIT Solutions.


Paul Harris, Chief Executive & Technology Officer


ClinkIT Solutions is a Software Services Company and Microsoft Solutions Integrator, that is in the business of delivering top-of-the-line I.T. solutions to businesses across the globe.

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