Frank Greiser

Creating the Difference in Healthcare

Frank Greiser is an avid marathon runner, who believes persistence is the number one reason for success. “A marathon is like any business project. The first few miles are great fun, but it can get really tough at mile 21,” says Frank. “This is usually the point where people give up, although the finish line is not far away.” Armed with this determination, Frank has taken ATMOS–develops safe and easy to handle medical solutions in the fields of ENT, Gynaecology, Care, Surgery and Dental—to new heights as the CEO. He aims to lead the company into the future with deliberation, perseverance and an excellently positioned team, accepting international medtech’s challenges.

" A marathon is like any business project. The first few miles are great fun, but it can get really tough at mile 21. "

For Frank profit is the RESULT – not the GOAL – of acting successfully, and having customers with a high satisfaction level and strong employees will lead to permanent commercial success. “As CEO, it is my responsibility to show the team the right way and to draw a vision that is supported by every team member,” explains the steadfast leader. “This vision needs to be present in every team member’s mind – even if I would wake them up at 3 am, my goal would be to receive the right answer about our vision and the way we are heading.”

The roots of ATMOS can be traced back to a pharmacy in Germany’s capital Berlin which was founded in 1888. The pharmacist, who also produced drugs, realized that medical devices are needed in order to apply his drugs to patients or for therapy reasons. In 1905 the first patent was a pressure reduction valve that was attached to a medical oxygen gas bottle being able to reduce the oxygen pressure to ATMOSpheric pressure which allowed oxygen supply for patients. “Now you know where our company’s name ATMOS originated – from the so-called ‘ATMOS-valve’. We are moving gas and fluid for more than 100 years in the medical field,” adds Frank. “You can find our products in every hospital department, not only in the OR, also the ICU, long term care facilities, homecare and emergency medical services.”

Frank takes time out to visit the OR and observe surgical procedures or spend time in the ICU to see the patients’ or healthcare professionals’ challenges. According to him, one can find solutions if you are able to observe the system, understand the application, see the environment and conditions, and ask questions to doctors or nurses. A good example is ATMOS’ digital cardiothoracic drainage system which is used for example after a lung surgery, where a surgeon places a chest tube into the so-called pleural cavity in order to drain excess fluid and air to recreate physiological conditions. “Many years, the tube has been connected to a drainage bottle from manufacturer X and this drainage bottle to a suction source from manufacturer Y. We integrated all those components into one system and added some intelligent features,” explains Frank. “It shows the patient´s therapy in real time and during the whole progress over several days. This objective data supports doctors in their therapeutically decision-makings.” Another intelligent feature is a sensor combined with special double lumen tubing that automatically realizes if the patient tube is clogged and flushes this tube automatically without supervision and assistance of the nurse. ATMOS’ system offers a higher level of safety for patients and users, less controlling effort for nurses and improved comfort for patients.

Frank wants to pass on his ideology to all the budding entrepreneurs because he knows the amount of hardwork goes in building a business. “You need to believe into yourself, persist and push yourself and others. Sometimes the missing part is just a little luck, like meeting the right people at the right time,” says Frank.




Frank Greiser, CEO


ATMOS deve­lops safe and easy to handle medical solutions which offer users of modern medical technology new ways and possibilities.

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