Robert E. Higgs
Founder & CEO/President

A Comprehensive Ecosystem of Digital Health Solutions

Due to a near tragic event with his wife in 2007 involving some 26 preventable medical errors which occurred over a 35-day hospitalization stay, Robert Higgs came face-to-face with the realization that the healthcare system was in need of change. He incorporated ISeeYouCare with one mission, to develop a patient centric electronic health records system that would enable every care provider to be more than they could ever be in and of themselves. The premise for this endeavour was twofold as Robert states, “If medicine is a science, then the science is the data, absent such, we are forevermore doomed to simply practice medicine, we can do better.” And, the requirement to develop a system that placed every care provider in the optimum position of having every piece of medical history of the patient at the point of care, absent not one piece that if known, would have changed or altered the diagnosis and care treatment provided to the patient.

" If medicine is a science, then the science is the data, absent such, we are forevermore doomed to simply practice medicine, we can do better. "

ISeeYouCare has developed the world’s most comprehensive and disruptive ecosystem of digital health solutions. This eco-system includes solutions for every types of point of care to include: ambulatory, in-patient, long term care, EMS, home, wearables and more. All such solutions are centered around the patient as they are the only ones “mobile throughout their lifetime”. This Virtual Lifetime Personal Health Records System belongs to the patient/consumer and includes all seventeen sections of clinical data as represented by a Continuity of Care Record as established by NIST. The goal is to provide all the historical medical data to every care provider at the point of care to the benefit of the care provider and the patient resulting in improved outcomes.

ISeeYouCare developed the means from which to take a common thread of technology as used by every medical records company in North America to include EPIC, Cerner, Athena, NexGen, Allscripts, the VA’s Vista and others and translate their data into a common format which is then used to update a patient/consumer’s medical record. In short, ISeeYouCare succeeded in achieving what Microsoft and Amazon attempted and failed, and Apple has yet to achieve providing every American with a longitudinal medical record in the cloud and on any mobile device of their choosing. Once collected, parsed, normalized and reconciled into a consolidated longitudinal medical record, the patient/consumer is now empowered to make this all-important data available to every care provider in a secure fashion in any number of ways.

ISeeYouCare’s total digital health platform was utilized in support of the FIFA World Soccer Games in Brazil at seven tertiary hospitals and eighteen stadiums. The use of the technology was credited in helping save two lives of team members who suffered injuries at the stadiums by enabling remote physicians the benefit of having their medical history along with all important vital signs made available to them even before they arrived at the receiving hospital.

In 2014, ISeeYouCare launched a Disabled Veteran Lifetime Subscription Program that provides a lifetime subscription of the company’s My eMHR (VLPHR) to every disabled veteran in North America. The company is looking for sponsors to come along side of the company to enable an expansion of this highly successful and value-added program for our veterans. ISeeYouCare would like to make this program available at no cost for all of the 11+ million veterans who sacrificed so much for the nation. It should be noted that the development of the Smart Health Card Data Management System has garnered the attention of the West Wing of the White House. In a December 2018 meeting with OMB and CMS, it was discussed how adoption and deployment of this solution would save the Government Hundreds of Billions annually. According to Mr. Higgs, “While we have accomplished so much, in many ways, we are just getting started,”




Robert E. Higgs, Founder & CEO/President


A patient-centric healthcare platform based on the fact that the person's health record is key to providing innovative solutions to healthcare.

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