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Today, the IT services market size is increasing greatly due to the necessity of focusing on core competencies that pushes companies to outsource their IT requirements. Kyocera Intelligence, the Managed IT Services organization within Kyocera Document Solutions, has taken a unique path into the IT Services market. The company is offering a suite of services which are capable of standing well on their own, are strengthened even further when combined with the more traditional services of a Kyocera Document Solutions, incorporating Managed IT, Cloud Services, Document Management, Document Production, Managed Print and Business Process Optimization.

After repeated requests from customers to add Managed IT Services, Kyocera Document Solutions responded with Kyocera Intelligence. “After interviewing customers, and analyzing their requirements, we determined that the addition of Managed IT Services would greatly enhance our overall offering to our customer base, and allow us to offer a truly holistic suite of services ranging from IT Infrastructure to document production and management,” says Joe Callahan, Director, Kyocera Intelligence. As a business group within Kyocera Document Solutions, the company has been able to leverage the “World Class” service reputation earned over the years by Kyocera, and has fully adopted the service culture which puts complete focus on customer requirements and satisfaction above all else.

" Expanding on our Unified Messaging platform by incorporating workflow and business process improvement, coupled with our core IT Managed Services will uniquely position us within the market and truly differentiate us from our competition "

The company’s service offering begins with Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) of the customers IT infrastructure. Their core service includes this RMM service combined with a suite of Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware protection to ensure that client’s systems will securely operate at peak levels. Combined with unlimited user Help Desk access, the basic functions that would be performed by an internal IT department are expertly covered at a significantly reduced cost to the end-user organization. Add to the base RMM offering a comprehensive suite of Cloud and other Services, and customers enjoy access to a universe of services and capabilities that would be out of reach of most organizations if they were to develop them internally. The company works closely with Product and Cloud Service vendors like Microsoft, Dell, Lenovo, Intermedia, Meraki, and many others to ensure that they are always offering customers the leading edge of technology. “We have built a team of IT professionals, each with their own unique talents who are passionate about delivering top notch services and developing our client’s capabilities beyond what they may have imagined would be available to them,” adds Joe.

One of Joe’s favorite stories is that of a client who had a single in-house IT person responsible for about 200 users, across 18 locations. This person was stretched well beyond his capacity, and was working every weekend to ensure that updates were installed on systems, and the level of responsiveness for his user community was less than optimal. “His boss brought us in to provide assistance, removing some of the burden from his IT manager by having us ensure that updates and anti-virus were in place, as well as providing responsive help desk services to the users.” Working in conjunction with the IT manager, the company was able to greatly increase efficiencies, vastly improve services to the end-users and allow the IT manager to focus more on planning for how technology solutions could be applied to facilitate additional growth, while not being bogged down by the day-to-day mundane tasks.

For the days to come, Kyocera Intelligence will continue to expand throughout their owned operations where they are anticipating significant growth this fiscal year. They are focusing on proliferating the Holistic Service Offerings, always paying close attention and deriving expansion into new services based on demand by the customers. “Expanding on our Unified Messaging platform by incorporating workflow and business process improvement, coupled with our core IT Managed Services will uniquely position us within the market and truly differentiate us from our competition,” adds Joe.


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Kyocera provides managed it services to ensure the security and reliability of your it infrastructure at all times.

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