Jeff Osborne, President & CEO

Accumen’s Path to Performance Excellence

“Accelerating healthcare performance matters, and it is no longer optional for hospitals and health systems-it is imperative,” says Jeff Osborne, President and CEO of Accumen. Osborne leads the vision and execution of strategic solutions integral to assisting hospitals and health systems achieve exceptional performance in a dynamic healthcare environment. Prior to joining Accumen, he was Chief Performance Officer at Accenture and responsible for the company’s disciplined approach to performance excellence and delivering client quality and the Chief Operating Officer for Accenture’s Business Process Outsourcing division managing client services. Osborne holds a B.S. degree in electrical engineering from Arizona State University.

Accumen has followed an organizational mission that supports why it exists: to Profoundly Impact Healthcare™. Purpose-built and designed to be a market leader in the clinical laboratory segment, Accumen was developed after a thorough study of the healthcare market. This study identified the clinical laboratory as an opportunity with a broken value chain, and private equity ownership money was invested to begin the journey. Operations began in 2011, and Accumen’s path to organizational success was initiated by signing its first anchor client, Sharp Healthcare. Soon thereafter, Accumen added another anchor client, ACL, one laboratory supporting the Advocate and Aurora healthcare systems. Additionally, the first non-anchor client contract was signed in 2015 with HonorHealth of Arizona. In 2016, Accumen acquired Chi Solutions, Inc., an established consulting firm, allowing for expansion of service lines to include consulting and clinical laboratory outreach. Currently, Accumen offers hospitals and health systems Lab Excellence, Comprehensive Patient Blood Management (cPBM), Imaging, Outreach and Consulting services.

" Accelerating healthcare performance matters, and it is no longer optional for hospitals and health systems-it is imperative "

Healthcare is a dynamic industry, and Accumen is well positioned to be competitive and deliver real value to the marketplace. The brand is differentiated by an exceptional combination of people, process, and technology. Industry experience, depth in leadership and bench expertise, teamwork, agility, and flexibility exists in the people. Accumen’s process is outcome-focused, utilizing best practice playbooks, benchmarking, program governance, and opportunity diagnostics. Hospitals and health systems have too much data and not enough information to make the day-to-day decisions; thus, Accumen offers proprietary, SaaS technology that allows for data acquisition, metrics selection, value-added analytics, operational dashboards, and actionable insights.

As a performance partner, the Accumen team works side-by-side with clients to deploy industry best practices that optimize the clinical lab and beyond. It is key for health systems to retain control of the continuum of care within their own facilities while driving up to 20% in cost reductions and significantly improving quality and service. Accumen’s service lines drive “crazy value” that exceeds what a hospital or health system client could achieve on its own and with lower risk.

Accumen offers comprehensive solutions to drive operational excellence that results in improved savings, quality, growth, and better patient care. Lab Excellence includes components of Service Line Optimization, Integrated Lab Supply Management, Test Menu Optimization, Patient Blood Management, and Outreach Program Management. The newest service line to be offered to the market is an imaging solution that is built for hospitals, health systems, and academic institutions who have new or established integrated diagnostics departments that provide imaging, radiology, and pathology services.

Accumen’s mission is to help drive innovation and improve efficiencies while making the patient care experience even better. Hospitals and health systems seek confidence in knowing that when they partner with Accumen to drive performance improvements, the team will not be disruptive or a distraction to the organizational culture. As its partnerships with healthcare providers mature, Accumen strives to keep the consumer (patient) at the center of all actions by developing system structures for care delivery standardization to improve the patient experience while recognizing the ever-changing needs of patients and providers.

Accumen continues its tradition as a performance partner for hospitals and health systems. Its roadmap for success follows a path of growth that will allow it to be a highly-credible competitor offering a mix of expanded products, services, and technology that drive performance improvements aligned to priorities of the C-suite. In one case study, a five-hospital health system with a stand-alone lab partnered with Accumen to grow revenues, reduce costs and gain efficiencies in the clinical laboratory.

Results were achieved, and value was delivered over a three-year total savings of 27%, and annual outreach growth of 5%. Additionally, service lines achieved total savings as follows: Labor 34%, Supplies 46%, Reference 14%, and Blood 40%. Quality and service metrics improved emergency department turnaround time by 20% and inpatient morning resulted in 15% improvement. A key takeaway was that a third party focus and expertise drove significant cost savings for this system.

“We all know healthcare performance matters. It matters when we are waiting for a result, and that wait time can be incredibly painful. It doesn’t matter when you are waiting in line for your favorite cup of coffee, but when you are waiting to determine a life or death situation, efficiency matters—it matters a lot. Our people must have a personal passion to join a company like Accumen;we know it’s personal, it matters,” says Jeff Osborne, President and CEO.


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Jeff Osborne
President & CEO


Accumen is a leading industry expert, partnering with hospitals and health systems to create high performing labs that improve quality, reduce cost, and enhance patient care.

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