Tyrone Carroll

Technical Pioneer’s

Tyrone Carroll, CEO of three6five believes greatly in trust, ethics and integrity. He has transformed into one of the most pioneering entrepreneurs owing to his strong qualities of being a people person, problem solver and caring for his team. He has built three6five into an end to end IP network and systems solution provider, with focus on the following service silos, Professional Services, Technology Solutions, Managed Solutions and Cybersecurity which delivers world class services to enterprises and carriers thereby building three6five into technical pioneers in the African Internet and Telecoms scene.

" If you fail, try again and use the lessons learnt on the way. "

The steadfast leader, together with his fellow founders and leadership team saw a lack of highly skilled professional services within the networking industry, and strategically built products around the many issues faced to overcome such shortcomings. He has built a very dynamic, flexible and client centric team that are able to address the above mentioned shortcomings. three6five is able to resolve client’s technical challenges with absolute focus on the client’s business solutions and requirements, whilst building strong working relationships and allowing client’s to focus on their core business thereby assisting client’s on their growth journeys. Tyrone has utilised his background of 22 years in the telecommunications arena, and being at the forefront of the start of enterprise network development with a focus on Service Provider WAN services in Southern Africa, he has carried his invaluable experience and knowledge over into building a successful company with an IP engineering focus.

With the security risks increasing in IP networks on a daily basis, three6five have built a cybersecurity team that offers dedicated professional services, technology solutions and a managed service to mitigate risk and threats. Increasing three6five’s security service offering was a natural progression as three6five had already deployed thousands of firewall/UTM devices for clients, thereby acquiring and developing some of the top security skills in the market place. For instance, one of their Financial Service Provider client’s wanted to outsource the design and management of their financial switching network, which requires low latency, extremely high availability, multiple re-routing scenarios with no trading impact, end to end network encryption and IPv6 readiness. Apart from the above, as the engagement developed the client increased the brief to include project management, secure storage, PCI Compliance assistance and other network fault resolution assistance. Additionally, the network needed to have the capacity and intelligence to function under end of month, festive season, black Friday and cyber Monday transaction loads. “We are proud to say, that across the board the three6five team have over delivered on the client’s requirements and expectations,” says Tyrone.

Tyrone is always eager to share his knowledge. Whether it be a business crises or a personal matter, he always has a strong word of wisdom and that is reflected in his leadership of the business. He is a fantastic problem solver, whether it be big or small and mentors many different team members in to being the best that they can possibly be. He is warm hearted which is often seen within the business and extremely knowledgeable in all topics by reading many genres of fictional and non-fictional material. Tyrone believes that, “you should have passion in everything you do. You need to enjoy every day to the fullest, whether it be in your career or personal life.” Tyrone also believes that one should never quit. “If you fail, try again and use the lessons learnt on the way,” adds Tyrone.

three6five believes in solving client’s problems by tailoring their projects around the pain points of the client, be it cost optimization, revenue generation, competitive edge, risk mitigation or operational efficiency. “We are firm believers that if we do not solve a problem for our client’s there is no merit to our engagement, we pride ourselves in making life easier for our clients,” explains and concludes Tyrone.




Tyrone Carroll


three6five is a specialist IP networking systems integrator, value added reseller and network centric cloud provider that delivers world class services to enterprises and carriers across Africa.

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