Jim Continenza, CEO

Redefining EAM through RFID

Vivial, a groundbreaking marketing technology (martech) company, understands that finding, reaching and building loyalty with consumers is a process that can be challenging. Not only do some business owners need to learn the platforms, but they must also stay abreast of the constantly changing digital landscape to connect with customers.

Martech really boils down to the tools, resources and technology used to advertise in the digital space. This includes content creation, social media optimization, SEO and data analytics to drill down the details for finding and engaging with your ideal customer.

Now imagine having to work with multiple companies to oversee all of these critical initiatives. Vivial’s Chairman & CEO, Jim Continenza recognized that there was a lack of integrated solutions and saw an opportunity to create a new category in the industry.

“Customers want a seamless experience and the ability to manage all aspects of their digital marketing strategy under one umbrella,” said Continenza. “Vivial has proven to be a lifesaver for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) by simplifying the complex world of digital marketing.”

" Vivial has proven to be a lifesaver for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) by simplifying the complex world of digital marketing. "

It’s important to remember that digital marketing is not a one size fits all experience. Each business is unique, and its marketing needs vary across industries and geographies. Whether it’s a customized website or maximizing SEO efforts, Vivial matches its products and services to meet a business’s specific needs and budget.

When working with Vivial, companies use their simple, but powerful Marketing Platform to connect with customers and build loyalty to ensure they are getting the best ROI. They can also review, manage and take actions, like monitoring Google rankings or managing all social media, right from a simple and effective dashboard.

The customer is supported by a dedicated Account Coordinator who regularly speaks with each client to review performance, identify next steps and adjust the strategy as needed.

“We essentially make it so our customers can get back to running their business while we do the work,” said Continenza.

While simplifying the complex is a priority for Vivial, the core of their business is to help connect buyers and sellers with innovative technologies and solutions. Beyond local businesses, Vivial’s footprint can be found among master agents, Managed Service Providers (MSPs), Value Added Resellers (VARs) and major corporations.

Vivial works with master agents, VARs, MSPs and resellers to add powerful marketing tools to their existing business solutions. These partnerships ensure businesses of all sizes have the opportunity to leverage Vivial’s solutions to “get found” by consumers.

Vivial’s innovative advances are not solely focused on the digital arena. Vivial’s sister company, mGage, provides mobile messaging technologies and services for brands to create better customer experiences. Serving over 1,000 brands across six continents, mGage powers billions of monthly mobile interactions through SMS, MMS and Push. As a Tier 1 aggregator in the U.S., mGage has direct connectivity to all major wireless carriers with a best-in-class campaign management platform and powerful, open APIs.

Knowing it’s essential to bring advanced and relevant product and service offerings to their customers, the company recently launched its Vivial Connect product, a mobile messaging API platform built for developers and product managers that enables long code message communication with customers and supports various mobile messaging needs for the modern developer.

“It’s now estimated that 97 percent of text messages are opened by consumers in less than 15 minutes, making it an effective way to get your message in front of consumers. With Vivial’s broad and extensive experience in mobile technology, we built and brought to market a platform that provides companies an easy-to-use mobile messaging solution,” said Continenza.In an industry of rapid change, falling behind is not an option. Vivial plans for continued investment and expansion of their Marketing Platform and mobile technologies.




Jim Continenza,
Chairman & CEO


Local online marketing is challenging. Vivial makes it simple.

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