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As mass customization becomes the new norm, the ability to effectively optimize the shop floor has become critical and the difference between success and failure. As the customers demand a quicker turnaround and more options for customizing their unique requests, organizations require a robust configurator to fully realize their potential and serve the customers seamlessly. Ohio based FeneTech realized the need for a platform that handles mass customization in other industries and created Q2S ERP. Q2S is based on the decades of success of the FeneVision’s ERP product. FeneTech has decades of direct experience in this demanding make -to -order market—incorporated as a division of RoviSys working on specialized software for a glass machinery fabricator—FeneTech was spun-off to focus on developing software for the demanding make -to -order Window and Glass industry.

Q2S ERP affords customers a single point of entry, removing the need for data entry when used in conjunction with FeneTech’s Web tool or EDI Order Import. It provides the ability to have a dynamic BOM that is question and option driven instead of a SKU for each unique product offering, ultimately allowing for mass customization and limited BOM management. When integrated with Q2S Tracking, management not only has sales reporting, but production reporting and visibility to track product throughout a plant, measure throughput at any stage, and identify bottlenecks to increase efficiencies.

" This is a powerful statement. We do this through our dedication to customer support through the customer portal, our University program with 75+ training courses, our 24/7 emergency support, one on one trainings, frequent software releases and much more "

FeneTech believes their products will never be complete, just as industry and the technology platforms themselves are ever changing. They works hand-in-hand with their customers to understand their needs and innovates to ensure everyone’s job can function as efficiently as possible. FeneTech’s solutions allow manufacturers to grow while still focusing on the customer experience. For instance, Lindsay Windows has grown from one location to five locations with the FeneVision products. The software allows each location to produce and service their local customers, while all data is in a centralized location for reporting and strategy.

FeneTech is continually investing in their products to ensure they have the best possible solution using the latest technologies offered by Microsoft. FeneTech’s mission is to provide the best products, service, and support to every single customer – every single day. “This is a powerful statement. We do this through our dedication to customer support through the customer portal, our University program with 75+ training courses, our 24/7 emergency support, one on one training's, frequent software releases and much more,” says Ron Crowl, President & CEO of FeneTech. “FeneTech hosts an annual users conference to encourage dialogue, provide feedback on our products, discuss the future of the industries we serve, and train users to help them get the most out of their solution.” Furthermore, the company works to provide flexible solutions that are configurable wherever possible as they realize the initial design for any feature, may have a completely different use case from one user to another creating a flexibility between their implementation and daily use.

FeneTech has been developing software for the Window and Glass industry for more than two decades and the announcement of Q2S ERP ERP brings this experience other make -to -order manufacturing industries requiring a solution that can handle both mass customization and quick delivery while increasing their customer’s experience. “FeneTech is excited to announce this release and we will be releasing a mobile app for warehouse management to streamline inventory management for the warehouse. FeneTech currently has strong footholds in North America and Europe. We are now focused on growing our user base in South America,” adds Crowl.




Ron Crowl
President & CEO


Fenetech provides extensive experience in manufacturing and software development to create the industry leading fenevision family of software products.

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