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Emerging trends in the next phase of manufacturing’s evolution have already begun to alter the competitive landscape. The digital transformation of manufacturing, ongoing convergence of IT and OT and the usage of IoT, in combination with other technologies, are changing the face of manufacturing technology landscape and manufacturing itself, with this global pressure is driving the manufacturing arena to work towards reducing production cost and enhance itself all at the same time. 3i Infotech is a global Information Technology company committed to Empowering Business Transformation. A comprehensive set of IP based software solutions (20+), coupled with a wide range of IT services, uniquely positions the company to address the dynamic requirements of a variety of industry verticals.

The company’s ORION 11j is a multi-user enterprise solution that delivers all the powerful functionalities that manufacturing arena needs to gain a sustainable and competitive advantage—be it financials, procurement, manufacturing, contracting, project management and sales, ORION 11j has them all covered. ORION 11j is a fully integrated solution that fulfills the core business needs of growing and mid-sized organizations across all industries and market sectors. With its compelling and powerful features ORION 11j provides a foundation for growth, innovation, and end-to-end business process excellence. Taking Customer Experience to a next level, ORION11j has been designed and architected with customer centric design philosophies to support business dynamics, the advanced solution benefits enterprises to reap greater operational efficiency by deploying ORION 11j.

The solution offers advanced tools for financial planning, enterprise asset management, cash management, and cash flow analysis increase financial data accuracy and strengthen organizational budgeting and forecasting capabilities. Alongside, ORION 11j provides integrated automation tools for all production requirements streamlining intensive processes—from sales forecasting to production planning. With a 360° view of the entire business, ORION’s solution provides realtime access to customer, product, and performance information and supports multichannel and multi-departmental sales processes. Integrated procurement and warehousing tools and an advanced payment tracking system help shorten the Order-to-Cash cycle time and give companies complete control over the entire SCM process. A touch screen interface and efficient electronic systems for bar coding, point-of-sale management, multi-pricing levels, enable flawless management of all retail functions

ORION 11j shifts the productive by moving from generating ‘Information Alerts’ to Real time actions through Workflow, Schedulers, Automated Task management. ORION 11j’s advanced forecasting and demand planning tools enhances planning by linking product life cycle data with demand data resulting more accurate available to promise targets to the customers. ORION 11j is capable of deeper integration through collaborative supply chain through CRM, B2B, B2C integrations with customers, supplier and partners.

In an instance, a client, Mega Life sciences, one of the world-class pharmaceutical and FMCG manufacturer headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand needed ORION 11j’s assistance to redefine themselves and their functions. Prior to the implementation of ORION ERP software, the client was using an in-house legacy ERP system which needed to be consistently improved to meet organizational requirements. The ORION team understood the magnitude and scope of the client’s requirements and created a solution which included several modules under a single ERP suite including, Finance, Sales, Distribution and CRM. The ORION team used a step by step phased approach for the ERP implementation. This is just one of the many examples that can be associated with the company and its solution which has been addressing client needs for numerous years.

As the manufacturing sector enters the digital era to create newer connections and data streams, responsiveness could not be more vital. 3i Infotech has culminated into a market leader who has been spearheading the revolution of offering manufacturing arena with unique solutions and services, and aim at continuing the approach.


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Suryanarayan Kasichainula
EVP & Business Head


3i Infotech provides services such as Business Intelligence & Analytics, Infrastructure Management, Testing & Compliance, Application Development & Maintenance, Consulting and its BPO offerings.

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