Charlene Brophy, CEO

Telehealth Solution Experts

A group of physicians, philanthropists and businessmen recognized the need for improved healthcare worldwide and saw telephone-based health information as the best way to provide that care; they incorporated Fonemed to create a difference. The approach that Fonemed brings to the healthcare arena is based on experience in addressing remote healthcare needs based on 20 years with over two million remote encounters.

Fonemed saw over the last two decades that every client provider, payer, government, benefits organization, cellular provider, university - has a unique set of requirements that are constantly changing. With that in mind, the team of experts designed a system that could be all things to all users, the Fonemed Health Management System (HMS). By combining open source code from a wide variety of sources like Ruby on Rails, REST and many others, they were able to develop a system that can be configured by the clients' admin users to deliver additional value to their clients.

Fonemed's ability to shift rapidly to address Gaps in Care and other newly identified foci of payer attention is a virtue of not being so large that they must use cookie-cutter solutions. ''Our unique value comes from being an active provider of remote healthcare and a developer of protocols and systems to deliver it," says Charlene Brophy, President and CEO of Fonemed.

" Our unique value comes from being an active provider of remote healthcare and a developer of protocols and systems to deliver it "

Fonemed is working with clients to develop programs using their proprietary HMS to identify and address the gaps of most importance to specific insurers and health plans. This starts with the company 's customized assessment tools and address the particular challenges of getting patients to engage in managing their own care.

Fonemed employs the most cost effective means of engagement using automated tools wherever possible, escalating to personal calls (in partnership with commercial call centers where appropriate), and then to nurses, physicians and specialists when indicated. ''Integrating all of these elements is only possible with highly sophisticated, flexible and scalable systems like Fonemed's HMS," adds Charlene.

In an instance, Florida Hospital Systems and Fonemed took their existing hotline for occupational exposure to infectious bodily fluids, contagious diseases and unusual substances and developed an integrated response system using Center for Disease Control Protocols and Centra Care's Post Exposure Nurses. The resultant system won the prestigious award for Patient Safety from URAC and proved invaluable to beneficiaries such as first responders answering the need related to the massacre in Orlando last year. As Charlene explains their software effectively provides evidence-based protocols and care coordination and management process that are completely customizable and can support any health programs including Remote Disease Management and Behavioral Health.

Fonemed together with a home-healthcare provider in Canada is offering technology, management and service solutions to the home healthcare industry in the US that is facing serious challenges from curtailed CMS reimbursement and stringent rules that require higher levels of care and documentation. Fonemed also has an alliance with the largest provider of non-emergency medical transportation in the US and is working with them on population health solutions involving the integration of appropriate health solutions.Internationally, Fonemed has joined with leaders of the insurance industry in Latin America and TeleSalud rural clinics to form Fonemedica, SA delivering population health management solutions in Spanish to partners such as Fonemedica Peru throughout the region.




Charlene Brophy
President & CEO


Fonemed provides individuals with around-the-clock telephone and web-based access to medical advice, information, products and services.