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Today organizations feel sourcing web data reliably has culminated into a key challenge closely followed by performance and security. As web data extraction becomes an essential part of any organization, the unstructured nature of online data, and the undulating reliability in sourcing it, is making itdifficult to manage the data coming in and making it hard to use for effective decision-making. Sequentum's Content Grabber has been built from the ground up using the experience acquired from over nine years of delivering web data extraction tools. Their core focus has been on performance and reliability, combined with strong usability and enterprise management tools to promote quality development and production stability.

The company was born following the sale of a successful search software business in 2005 which was built by the founders. The initial intent was to give people unhindered access to the world's largest data source, so it could be used at scale by business. As the customer base grew, so did Sequentum and their tool set. They went on to release Content Grabber with key functions including a sophisticated web data extraction engine and web automation capabilities alongside a web crawler and features with the ability to package web scraping agents with the Content Grabber runtime. In one customer example, Retail Insight, Web based Market Research data provider, recently encountered a website that used a technology that their toolset and other solutions providers could not handle. The team at Sequentum looked at the website and Retail Insight 's requirements and quickly built an Agent to demonstrate that Content Grabber could handle the challenge. Retail Insight was able to deploy the new software directly into their proprietary production environment. Today, Content Grabber is an important part of the service and tools being provided to their clients.

Sequentum's positioning in the web scraping market is that their solutions take the pain and frustration away from using tools that don't work with difficult web sites, lack features, aren't intuitive and can't grow with your business. Content Grabber' s point and click visual editor allows users to see a website as they do from a normal browser. It automatically detects and configures the required commands as users click on the content elements on the page. Content Grabber includes functionality to remove data duplication and to automatically check for changes in a websites content. Such features, combined with enterprise level development, agent management and performance tuning tools, add rigor and quality to thedevelopment process and reliability and speed to production web data extraction.

Users can also make use of Content Grabber scripts to enhance their web scraping agents. As an example, they can use simple scripts to write their extracted data directly to custom database structures, saving a lot of manual effort and enabling near real-time response to data events like changes in competitor prtcmg.

Mid last year, Sequentum launched Managed Data Services (MDS) which has given clients the ability to totally outsource all their web scraping requirements to Sequentum assisting in developing, hosting, running, monitoring and maintaining the agents for their MDS customers. Rather than just host and take no responsibility for the data, the company believes this additional monitoring and maintenance approach addresses the needs of corporations who are looking for a total outsourced solution.

Sequentum gives customers the flexibility to move their web extraction agents between Managed Data Services and their own servers. Soon they will also be able to do this in a hosted cloud environment. This unique ability, gives great flexibility to businesses who may want to change strategies as they grow rather than being tied to one vendor.

Today, Sequentum strives to continue maintaining their technological advantage with the Content Grabber tool set and adding new features to the tool to ensure they best serve customers. The company is now venturing towards launching a new offering called "Mighty Bots". This is essentially self-contained agents that perform very specific in demand web scraping tasks on any current Windows machine. These Mighty Bots will be maintained by Sequentum steadily growing these to service multiple websites and different business sectors.

Heading into the future, Sequentum keeps the door open to new market areas and developing a Cloud-based solution that will drive a new set of customers. They recognize the importance of current trends revolving around Big Data, as well as easy integration with data analytics and data visualization tools to simplify and add value past the data collection process. Sequentum's focus as an organization and the culture they are growing is to always be customer focused and the company is going the extra yards by enhancing their technical support, shaping the product set and solutions to suit specific customers, demonstrating flexibility and listening to its customers. Sequentum is growing quickly on the back of its popular solution set it and the service it provides. It currently has offices in San Jose, Sydney, Australia and will soon be setting up in New York.




Tony Jaensch


Sequentum is a software development and consulting services company which focuses on web scraping and web automation technologies.

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