George E. Daddis Jr. PhD. CEO

Redefining EAM through RFID

Today, global companies are increasingly deploying asset management strategies to get the visibility that they need their processes to reduce operational costs, improve profitability and their competitive edge. The implementation is typically RFID based systems – since they are highly cost effective and are an extension of existing processes – not changing them. This has enabled enterprises to better manage, maintain, and track their assets for daily and strategic business management decisions. Omni-ID has been a pioneer of developing and supplying high performance, highly durable, passive & active RFID tags used to improve workflow, asset tracking and management, for Fortune 500 companies around the globe.

Omni-ID views RFID as the simplest (and most cost effective) implementation of the Industrial IoT solutions. In a sense, RFID tags give an identity and provide simple sensors (on occasion) at extremely low cost and high reliability for assets, work in process containers, and other items typically managed in an Industrial IoT system. From a tags perspective, the industry offers such a range in complexity and capabilities of products. For example, Omni-ID’s product roadmap provides smooth increase in complexity in capability and cost from simple labels to their flagship e-paper or View tags which combine visual technologies with multiple RFID radios – wi-fi, 433, UHF, sensors, and user interaction.

Incorporated as a research and development team formed in the 1990s within QinetiQ, an international defense and security technology company Omni-ID was launched as a stand-alone company focused on developing and manufacturing RFID tags for tracking assets in industrial applications. Today the company is the #1 provider and manufacturer of industrial RFID tags and solutions. “Innovation is part of our DNA! As a company born from technology our history of curiosity, innovation, and specializing in the 'it can’t be done' applications are what we’re known for,” says George E. Daddis Jr. PhD. President & CEO of Omni-ID.

" We RFID serves in most cases as a simply overlay to existing systems – which makes it highly attractive and non-invasive for most companies to implement "

Omni-ID boasts the widest and broadest portfolio in the industry – from printable on metal RFID labels to encased hard tags with read ranges of up to 30 meters. The company also boasts a family of high temperature tags with heat resistance up to 2350C. A portfolio of active tags for both indoor and outdoor use is also available. NASA is utilizing Omni-ID’s passive RFID products in several locations to track high value laboratory equipment, and most recently is utilizing Omni-ID tags to track the extremely critical and high value components for the new James Webb Space Telescope. “RFID serves in most cases as a simply overlay to existing systems – which makes it highly attractive and non-invasive for most companies to implement.” adds Daddis.

In addition to a broad range of RFID tags, Omni-ID also offers a visual tagging or e-paper system called ProVIEW. The company’s ProVIEW solution is an Industrial IoT-based system and offers paper replacement for material flow management in manufacturing. ProVIEW enables manufacturers to control the instructions and the process flows in real time by creating “smart containers”. These containers are location aware and provide instruction based on their location – this provides a number of benefits by ensuring the right parts are delivered to the right station at the right time.

Omni-ID wants to continue participating in the Industry 4.0/Industrial IoT revolution in a very meaningful way particularly with their ProVIEW material flow management solution and RFID tags for broad industrial use. Omni-ID has found that UHF RFID is still the leading technology for very low-cost identity based sensing and will continue to be a key driver of Industrial IoT adoption. However, there a host of other frequencies and protocols already existing and newly available that help expand product lines to cover increasing and enhanced demands placed on object tags. “We aim at offering our customers the best-in-breed solutions that can make a difference in their productivity.” concludes Daddis.




George E. Daddis Jr. PhD.
President & CEO


Omni-ID establish reliable, connected environments where end-to-end asset management, in-process visibility and real-time control, right down to the individual asset level is now a cost-effective reality.

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