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With growing competition, today the small to medium business market no longer desire to have on premise data and application servers. They have realized the security and productivity advantages of moving their data to the cloud, giving them anytime, anywhere access to business data and applications. “However, getting all your data and applications to the cloud can be a challenge. This is where Diverse Technology Solutions (DTS) has culminated into a one-stop cloud service provider,” begins Clayton Hart, CEO and Founder of DTS. “We offer cloud hosted voice and data solutions to assist companies in making the transition from a legacy on premise IT model into a cloud hosted IT model.”

DTS was formed as a managed IT service provider in the 90’s and embarked on a pivotal business transition into cloud services by investing and owing the entire infrastructure it operates its cloud hosted voice and data services on. Today DTS offers cloud hosted voice and data solutions all under one roof for its customers. Being a forward thinking company when it comes to the development of their cloud services, DTS is combining and integrating virtual desktop, virtual server and Voice over IP technology enhancing unified messaging and remote worksite capabilities for remote employees.

For example DTS recently invested into their Hosted Mitel VOIP solution that has granted them the ability to integrate hosted voice call center technology into the virtual desktop. With this new platform DTS can integrate the phone system into just about any customer application producing screen popping and a virtualized call center experience. Typical this type of technology is only available on extremely expensive on premise phone systems priced out of range for the small to medium business. However, DTS brings this enterprise class technology to the small to medium business at an extremely low price point.

" We offer cloud hosted voice and data solutions to assist companies in making the transition from a legacy on premise IT model into a cloud hosted IT model. "

It is pertinent to mention DTS cloud offerings provide a seven layer security model that is not practical to duplicate to protect on premise data servers for SMB’s. “Our private cloud hosting can meet all industry compliance standards including FINRA, HIPPA, SEC, SOX. The fact that we own and operate the infrastructure directly gives us the ability to custom tailor or guarantee security perimeters that public clouds cannot guarantee,” adds Hart. “In addition, our experience enables not only to design a compliant solution but to document it for the customer ensuring they are prepared for regulatory audits.”

In an instance, a manufacturing firm faced a common IT challenge: An aging infrastructure and desire to reduce costs of IT ownership and ongoing maintenance. With over 50 employees and vast array of IT server hardware and applications operating the business, the customer faced a considerable capital expense to keep up with their server hardware lifecycle. DTS provided a considerable development work implementing a virtual desktop and server hosting solution that drastically reduced IT costs and removed the dependency on internal server hardware to operate the business. The new private cloud hosting solution provided peace of mind, browser based remote access to critical business applications and complete helpdesk support to satisfy end user service requests.

“Our Mitel based Voice over IP solution offers the 'Ferrari class' of hosted voice technology. Customers can manage the DTS cloud hosted voice solution through our online configuration portal easing response times to simple service requests including new user setups and voicemail password changes. For the same price the customer can decide if they want to be hands off, or hands on managing the hosted voice solution,” concludes Hart.


Diverse Technology Solutions, Inc.


Clayton Hart
CEO and Founder


Diverse Technology Solutions Inc provides cloud-hosted data and cloud voice solutions to primary data and communication for secure private cloud-hosting environment.

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