Akshay Sabhikhi, CEO

Augmenting Human and Process Intelligence

Armed with a team comprised of former IBM Watson executives and lead developers, CognitiveScale was created on the belief that humans have far exceeded the threshold for interpreting the massive amounts of data surrounding them, and that machine-augmented intelligence will drive previously unseen levels of engagement and productivity. Lead by the pioneering CEO, Akshay Sabhikhi, CognitiveScale’s team developed and patented (pending) the world’s first outcome driven cognitive learning engine that applies machine learning and natural language processing to achieve a breakthrough level of cognitive ability for an artificial intelligence (AI) system which is continually learning and improving.

Today, CognitiveScale is enabling financial services, healthcare, retail and media organizations to transform their computing clouds to cognitive clouds, where augmented intelligence becomes the backplane on which these companies operate to increase user engagement by improving the decision making with self learning and self assuring business process. CognitiveScale’s Cognitive Cloud is industry-specific, with data values and relationships modeled for each vertical, enabling fast time-to-value. As users work throughout the day, with every click of the computer mouse, the Cognitive Cloud becomes immediately smarter, actively discovering learning from data (structured and unstructured) and human interaction.

CognitiveScale’s CORTEX platform serves as the brain of CognitiveScale’s industry-specific AI products by enabling fast configuration of AI solutions through data, intelligence, and UX layers, requiring a lower skill set to execute, as opposed to expecting an organization to build them from scratch. CORTEX makes sense of unstructured data by emulating cognitive functions like perception, abstraction, reasoning, and learning. It finds hidden meaning within all available data to ensure enterprises and their customers have the right answers and advice to the problems they want to solve.The key innovations within CORTEX are Cognitive Agents, Probabilistic Knowledge Representation, Profile-of-One, Recommendations with Reasons, and Continuous Learning with Assurance.

" We help organizations drive actionable business outcomes from data "

Sabhikhi believes that for AI’s potential to be fully recognized across industries, technology and business leaders must ensure the technology is ethically developed and used to bring people together. That’s why CognitiveScale is a founding member of AI Austin. “AI Austin is a growing industry consortium devoted to using the innovative application of AI to address the planet’s biggest social, economic, environmental and political issues of our time,” adds Sabhikhi. CognitiveScale is focused on providing those in Financial Services, Healthcare and Commerce with AI solutions that are tuned to their specific challenges and opportunities.

The company is continually enhancing these solutions with ever more intelligent machine learning technology, which makes connections between seemingly disparate data and then takes actions based on those connections. This increasingly intelligent technology allows employees to perform at levels never before possible, creating greater levels of customer satisfaction in banking, delivering preventative care to patients in healthcare settings, and enabling greater profitability in commerce.




Akshay Sabhikhi,


CognitiveScale provides augmented intelligence software built on its Cortex AI platform for fmancial services, healthcare, and digital commerce markets.

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