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As the steadfast leader of Incessant Technologies, Vijay Madduri, CEO has maintained a single aim for the past decade, to build a formidable organization that strongly sticks to core principles and values, yet be agile and responsive to changing customer needs. “At Incessant technologies, our core principles are “Customer Focus”, “Experienced & Passionate Consultants”, “Effective Leadership” and “Good People Management” along with our Value system PRIIDE (Passion, Respect, Integrity, Innovation, Dedication and Excellence) automatically translates to Happy and Successful Customers, which in turn has made Incessant into a successful Digital Process Automation (DPA) Services Organization,” says Madduri.

Madduri is extremely passionate in upgrading his skills and believe in a continuous learning culture. In past two years, he has completed two executive leadership trainings at Yale and Singularity University( Silicon Valley ) to understand the bleeding edge exponential technologies . This trait has cascaded to Incessant and made it a high learning organization, where every consultant undergoes at least 12 to 16 hours of training in each quarter and are well known as high learning experience organization, compared to the peers in the similar space. “Quality of consultants and rigour, high learning culture, never give up attitude is at core and has helped us to earn the status of 'Trusted Partner' both with our customers as well as with our partners such as Pegasystems and Appian. Due to this, we have achieved a very high CAGR (Compounded Annual Growth Rate) of 70% over the first 10 years of Incessant,” adds Madduri.

" Dreaming big and working hard to make it reality goes a long way "

Incessant offers data driven reusable automation testing frameworks, enabling continuous delivery & integration and production support & maintenance framework, which help customers not only to reduce the overall cost, but also to improve quality and speed and streamlines the development and maintenance cycles. Incessant’s BPM Practice has unmatched certification levels in the industry, thereby providing highly experienced teams on customer engagements. With experience of over 200 successful BPM implementations and a proprietary software delivery methodology, Incessant delivers significant value to customers in Insurance, Banking & Financial Services, Government and Manufacturing.

In an instance, for one of the largest Australian Investment Bank and diversified Financial Services Group, Incessant has streamlined their Home Loan Origination Process by automating more than 120+ Business Steps and seamlessly integrating with 19 internal and external systems. With an unparalleled Pega BPM expertise combined with strong domain knowledge, Incessant helped the Customer in building a robust solution with Pega platform orchestrating the end-to-end Loan Origination process. The solution interfaces with various systems and integrates data from multiple channels to drive process efficiencies. The solution has many predefined business rules and workflows in a digital environment. “Achieving the ‘Most Trusted and Responsive partner’ status with as many customers as possible is our strategy to overcome the market competition. We believe that delighting the customers would always help us staying ahead of competitors,” explains Madduri.

Advising the budding entrepreneurs Madduri says that the new Digital World offers numerous opportunities to entrepreneurs and having a core set of values that one does not deviate from is helpful. Also focussing on employee welfare and customer success takes one to achieve new heights.

Madduri has taken Incessant to new heights on his own terms and aims at building the organization as one of the most sought after solution providers. They have been investing heavily in the areas of Robotics, Automation and AI which would greatly improve our Customer's efficiency and makes their workforce more productive and responsive to their customers. “Dreaming big and working hard to make it reality goes a long way,” concludes Madduri.


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Vijay Madduri


NIIT Technologies provides services in travel and transportation, banking and financial services, insurance, manufacturing and media verticals, application development and maintenance, infrastructure management, and business process management.

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