Rajesh Sinha, CEO

Towards Achieving Audacious Goals

As Founder and CEO of Fulcrum Worldwide, Rajesh Sinha invests things: people, strategy, execution and cash; the foundation for any business hell-bent on scaling up. Rapidly emerging as a leader in digital transformation, Sinha drives Fulcrum’s aggressive growth through diversifying its industry-specific offerings and developing business around the globe. By virtue of his pursuits, the company now operates in the US, UK, APAC and South America, a biproduct of Fulcrum’s devotion to Big Hairy Audacious Goals.

Any CEO can dream of developing an industry-leading ERP. Only a select few, however, dare to reproduce the process as canon. Rajesh Sinha has accomplished this feat three times and he aims to do it again. Under his leadership, the cloud product he envisioned for the Higher Education sector won several awards for supporting next generation collaborative learning; a vision the Fulcrum team realized through execution and delivery the software known as Kaleidoscope.

Their work building a revolutionary culinary ERP to govern end-to-end supply chain management is already a success in CulinarySuite, a SaaS product borne from the company’s manufacturing and logistics solution, SupplyDay. “If it was not for audacious goals,” Sinha affirms, “Fulcrum Worldwide would never have grown to what it is today, much less been born in the first place.”

" It’s about how you climb… soon you realize you’re already over that hill, and ready to take on another "

Thriving on Fulcrum’s expeditious charge, Sinha finds the modern technological landscape both chaotic and inspiring. Today’s companies havea cascade of emerging technologies before them: Machine learning, IoT, self-driving cars, smart homes, data science, virtual and augmented reality, and a non-stop flow of new technology revolutionizing business. “In this digital chaos, we’re constantly identifying problems both old and new so we can leverage these technologies across businesses,” explains Sinha. As a core ingredient of digital transformation, Fulcrum Worldwide manages disruption by exhibiting the quintessential “Agile Company” archetype. “Fulcrum revolves around people,” says Sinha, “the customers and employees all revolve around our central DNA, holding it together.” He defines company DNA as the sum of processes, maturity, culture and assets (see diagram below). Through this purview, Fulcrum works with clients to build custom solutions that help them digitally transform their businesses, allowing them to continually deliver value and develop new business through technology.

With community as the cornerstone of agile culture, Sinha prides his team on their commitment to the communities in which they operate around the world. He firmly believes that Fulcrum can help by creating active compliance with the spirit of the law, ethical standards, and international norms, acting as a role model for other companies. “Our most successful philanthropic event to date has been our work with the Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential. The institute is internationally known for its pioneering work in child development and for its programs to help brain injured children achieve wellness and excellence,” he explains. Fulcrum collaborates with the institute to empower both parents and children with brain injury to be their best physically, intellectually, psychologically and socially, encouraging positive growth through the power of perseverance.

As an avid participant in the New York City Marathon, Sinha frames the mindset of BHAG around approaching the steep incline of the Brooklyn Bridge or running towards the large hill in Central Park. When he’s running and gazes far ahead at the towering hill, the steep climb seems impossible and demotivates him. However, if he simply keeps his head down and focuses on the road beneath him, it seems flat and easy to tackle. He tells this story to his employees, encouraging this perspective to motivate and inspire them to chase audacious goals. “We’re all running a marathon towards big goals that can seem intimidating. Looking back, employees can see how far we’ve come together and see just how much we’ve accomplished on our way to the goal. Now we can continue onward.” Sinha explains. “It’s about how you climb… soon you realize you’re already over that hill, and ready to take on another".


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