Jose Oliveira, CEO

The BI Leader

Focus, commitment and determination are the three things that Jose Oliveira has adopted to lead an organization with a strong growth year after year, and to achieve the established goals. BI4ALL was incorporated from the need to create, not just any company, but a true leader in the industry. Oliveira, the CEO has always managed BI4ALL with effort, commitment and enthusiasm, in order to offer its customers with the most appropriate solutions to make their business grow. The establishment of partnerships and the creation of close relations with its clients, as well as its partners, have enabled BI4ALL, over time, to consolidate its notoriety and recognition. Together with the experience of his partners, Andro Moreira and Hugo Pinto to form this company, Oliveira has taken BI4ALL to new heights.

BI4ALL positions itself as a driver of change in organizations. Thus, business knowledge and the constant improvement of information technologies, allows them to offer a highly specialized service in the implementation of Business Intelligence solutions that let organizations to have a competitive advantage by consolidating data from different sources of information in a single vision, providing precious indicators by turning data into insights.The dedication of the teams, combined with the audacity that makes the company look for the best solutions for its clients, is the foundation that allows affirming BI4ALL as a reference in the area of Business Intelligence and Analytics.

The main goal of BI4ALL is to support organizations in linking the strategy to execution, thus facilitating the management cycle, with the inherent benefits of reliability and transparency of information for all Stakeholders - Shareholders, Managers, Employees and Clients, among others. In a scenario where details can make the difference between success and failure, finding tools that make managers capable of finding the best way to guide their organizations growth is a key asset. BI4ALL brings together all the tools to create complete and structured solutions, appropriate to each business sector and to each business reality.

" We aim at easing our customer's pains and enhance their productivity through our relentless services "

BI4ALL has a very people-oriented culture, promoting the family environment and proximity, but also giving them the knowledge and the best tools to do their job. The concern with our Employees and knowing that they are happy to work with us is one of the main strategic pillars of BI4ALL.

Since 2004 BI4ALL has been working with a growing number of firms to implement Business Intelligence and Analytics systems that enable to track goals daily, find new business opportunities, reduce risks, reorganize resources, and improve operational efficiency. Their first Client-Grupo Azevedos has marked them a lot, because BI4ALL has managed to surpass all the Client's initial expectations. “I am reminded of Nuno Santos (CFO) telling us that the deployment of our solution allowed the group to reduce the team responsible for budgets and financial control of the group, as well as optimize the whole process of production planning in a more timely manner,” says Oliveira. “The implementation of the project in the Group Azevedos began at the end of 2004 and continues working very well without any iteration of ours.”

According to Oliveira managing and leading people has always been the most difficult part of an organization. It is important to enable professionals to collaborate with the growth of the organization, motivate them and make them feel as a fundamental part of the company's development. It is necessary listen and bet on employees, create training opportunities that allow them to constantly update their skills, and to manage the environment in order to create a collaborative spirit and a culture of trust that allows growth and development at the same time they feel recognised.

It is also very important that decision makers understand that with the growth of the business they must also grow their structure of resources necessary to always comply with the final clients. “One of the methods that I usually advise my clients when they have a specific need is to make an array of needs vs software, and give an evaluation scale for each specific need,” adds Oliveira. At the end of completing the matrix, the software chosen should be the one with the most points. In this way, there are no external influences. There is no emotional side. “We aim at easing our customer's pains and enhance their productivity through our relentless services,” concludes Oliveira.




Jose Oliveira


BI4ALL provides wide experience in the capacity to respond to the specific set of challenges and business requirements of different sectors.

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