Malik Majeed, CEO

Creating Difference with Experience

Malik Majeed’s unique experiences like being top-notch entrepreneur, serving as an Attorney, being a little league football and basketball coach, technology enthusiast, and having worked his way through the ranks of PRWT/USF are what made him the leader he is today. The President & CEO leads PRWT Services, Inc. (PRWT), the largest minority-owned business headquartered in the Greater Philadelphia Region that has been ranked in the Top 100 minority-owned businesses in America by Black Enterprise magazine for over the past 16 years and Services Company of the year in 2009.

Over the years, PRWT has continually expanded its operations from a single customer care/call center contract in the Business Process Outsourcing services area supporting state and local governments and commercial businesses to providing Facilities Management and Transportation Infrastructure Support services for federal, state and local governments and commercial businesses within the United States through its award winning wholly owned subsidiary, U.S. Facilities, Inc. (USF). Today, PRWT/USF operates throughout the United States and maintains over 60 million square feet of commercial and industrial space as well as bridges, tunnels and waterways.

PRWT/USF operations involve handling complex, compliance driven transactions in highly regulated state and local government and commercial markets, including but not limited to traffic and public safety, parking, electronic tolls and transit, correctional facilities, municipal and federal agencies and insurance, telecommunications and pharmaceutical companies. “And, since PRWT and USF provide a plethora of services, we are accelerating our use of technology and we continue to work with our technology partners to ensure information sharing and best practices,” says Majeed.

" And, since PRWT and USF provide a plethora of services, we are accelerating our use of technology and we continue to work with our technology partners to ensure information sharing and best practices "

PRWT has recently rolled out a cloud based technology platform to monitor and track performance of their technology based service offerings including indexing/image review, call center and payment processing, facilities management and integrated transportation operations across the country. The system provides a snapshot of where the company is performing vis-a-vis given Key Performance Indicators (“KPI’s”) or Service Level Agreements (“SLA’s”), but can also provide a snapshot of where an individual employee stands from a productivity and quality perspective. Majeed says, “We are driven by KPI’s and SLA’s and our system allows us to quickly diagnose issues and take any corrective actions before those issues get to a significant level.”

In an instance, a pharmaceutical leader took the services of PRWT to enhance operational efficiencies, full industry compliance and guaranteed year over year cost savings. The use of a proven business solution model, fair & living wages and Total Quality Management(TQM) practices allowed this pharmaceutical leader to confidently migrate existing operations from a fixed to a variable cost with lower operational risk.

According to Majeed, technology has always been and will continue to be an essential component of PRWT’s multi-faceted BPO and Facilities Service offerings. The President & CEO of PRWT’s vision is to continue the successful blending of the best available technology with his personnel in the servicing of the company’s clients in a high quality and cost-effective fashion. Majeed is a fierce believer of using technology platforms as an enabler to improve information transparency, speed of analysis in the decision-making process, and sharing best practices internally and with the company’s client base.

Majeed aim’s of taking PRWT to the next level by leading the development of a playbook, getting everyone to know and get passionate about their respective roles and executing flawlessly in the delivery of services on a daily basis. “As you learn from your successes and your difficulties you need to quickly spread those best practices; that is true leadership quality.”


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Malik Majeed
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