Tatiana Langseth, CEO

Addressing Modern Big Data Needs

Tatiana Langseth, a successful graduate from George Mason University, founded Augaroo in the early 2010’s, with the goal to bring the power of big data to every-day business decision-making. The CEO has taken the organization to new heights and today Augaroo has become a market leader offering their expertise, products, services, and solutions in solving customer challenges and overcoming technical complexities around big and streaming data.

According to Tatiana, Augaroo’s customers have lots of disparate types and sources of data in various data technologies. This presents the challenge of how to organize and make sense of all this information and data, to drive better decision-making by the employees of the firms. “The old approach of building a data warehouse and using ETL technologies do not work anymore as those approaches are too monolithic and slow. Data is changing and streaming in real-time now,” explains Tatiana. As firms seek competitive advantage in this new data-driven world, they need to leverage data as a strategic asset to turn data into new streams of revenue, and to use data to achieve greater competitive advantage--and that is where Augaroo takes the lead.

Augaroo is working with each of their customers to understand how they can uniquely use data to differentiate from their competition. By working with leading-edge enterprises, Augaroo is able to see new trends and opportunities in the use of data, particularly big and streaming data, to help drive insights. “By reducing the latency between a new point of data arriving, and a human synthesizing and potentially making a business adjustment based on that new data, we can drive faster and faster loops of innovation and efficiency,” adds Tatiana.

" Each of our customers has their own roadmap, and we work carefully in conjunction with them to make sure that the technologies that we bring to bear are the most applicable to their situation "

The company has an best practices-based approach to determine what set of technologies are best for a customer’s need. They start by looking at the various sources of data that the organizations currently have and understanding the types of additional competitive advantage that could be achieved by better leveraging those sources of data. Based on that analysis, the company creates a blueprint for each customer to enable them to stream and leverage real time and big data as close as possible to the point where business decisions are being made. Many of Augaroo’s customers have recently upgraded their own technology stacks, and want to use the latest big data and streaming data technologies in conjunction with their new platforms. Augaroo is working relentlessly to align the customer’s internal road maps with the latest big data technologies that can help bring new value and insight to those customers.

Tatiana believes that building and taking a company to new heights requires hard work and determination alongside technically sound co-workers who can understand the growing disparities in the technology landscape and work towards building solutions to address those challenges. Augaroo brings their unique understanding of both technology and the methodologies by which each customer can achieve the highest levels of competitive advantage. “I lead the company by example, working closely with our customers to help them achieve success,” asserts Tatiana proudly.

Augaroo’s roadmap as a company is tightly coupled to the needs of their customers. The company continuously evaluates the latest technologies that could be applicable to a customer’s applications and use cases.




Tatiana Langseth
Founder and CEO


AUGAROO Inc. is the creator of mobile, augmented reality, and big data software applications.

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